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During the year, Exhibit Around will make Open Calls for international exhibitions and photobooks that will develop around a given theme.


Exhibit Around’s services are also thought for organizers of exhibitions, festival, events, galleries and exhibition areas. Amoung our services: pictures printing, promotion and many more.

Exhibit Around is a platform for the selection and promotion of photographic exhibitions and editorial projects. A new service that takes care of Photography Exhibitions, in Italy and abroad, managing every artistic and logistic aspects:  planning, selection of the pictures, printing, transportation, setup, promotion and connected photobook editing (catalogues and books, on paper and digital).

Main goal is to become a contact point among photographers, venues and the public. Exhibit Around’s services are thought  for photographers, organizers of exhibitions and exhibition areas.

Exhibit Around is born as the natural evolution of dotART cultural association from Trieste (Italy), since 2009 promoting cultural activities connected to visual arts, and specifically with the international contest URBAN Photo Awards, now at its 8th edition, and Trieste Photo Days, started in 2014 with the media partnership of Photographers.it.

Experience up to now is of hundreds of exhibitions. Personal and group exhibitions connected to URBAN photo contest, have been along the years in Poland (Krakow, Łódź and Warsaw), Germany (Berlin), Hungary (Budapest, Pécs and Miskolc), Cyprus (Limassol, Paphos and Nicosia), Latvia (Riga), Slovenia (Koper), Croatia (Porec), Ukraine (Sumy), Colombia (Bucaramanga) and Italia (Trieste and Roma). Also exhibitions of the festival Trieste Photo Days, and exhibitions of the local contest Trieste and the Provinces of Friuli Venezia Giulia and many other exhibitions.

Exhibit Around can count on a network of contacts, associations, media partners and exhibiting venues in all Europe. Among the principal venues, Trieste Airport, many clubs with exhibiting areas in Poland (e.g. Pracownia Pod Baranami, Alchemia and Konfederacka 4, in Krakow), in Hungary (400 Bar in Budapest) and prestigious art galleries in Trieste.

Exhibit Around proposes itself as a brand of quality, either for the artistic value of the pictures nor for the attention of the prints and the setup. In one exhibition or photobook signed by Exhibit Around, the photographer will receive maximum importance and support and he or she will be put in the middle of an international stage from which to get noticed. Visibility offered is not limited to the exhibition itself but continues on the Internet and on Exhibit Around publications.

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