Christine Miess and Stan Raucher best “Urban & Human Empathy” photographers

Exhibit Around staff has selected the two best photographers from “Urban & Human Empathy”: Austrian photographer Christine Miess (Time Collapsing project) and American photographer Stan Raucher (Avoid Naples! project). They win a 2-night-stay in Trieste on October 27 and 28, during the presentation of the book “Urban & Human Empathy”, as part of Trieste Photo Days 2017.

Honorable mentions goes to Matteo Abbondanza, Geir Moseid, Michele Di Donato and Michele Palazzo, for the high quality of the submitted works.

“Urban & Human Empathy” is the first photographic project launched by Exhibit Around, centered on the human presence immersed in the urban context. A theme focused on the City, which offers to the authors great expressive possibilities. Guidelines given to photographers were suggesting images of “lights and shadows, colors and grayness, frenzy and relaxation, history and modernity, opulence and misery. Contrasts that shape people’s lives. The city is surrounding us, influencing us, constraining us. Anyways, at the same time, we melt in it. Key element of “Urban and Human Empathy” is Mankind absorbed into the urban fabric”.

The project involves the creation of an “urban storytelling” that will be developed through a photographic volume and a series of international exhibitions that will end in the events of the Trieste Photo Days festival in October 2017.

Officially selected photographers are Adriano Cascio (IT), Alfonso De Gregorio (IT), Alvise Busetto (IT), Andrea Piotto (IT), Andrea Scirè (IT), Anna Monda (IT), Antonio Busqueta (MX), António Castilho (PT), Christine Miess (AT), Daniela Pasquetti (IT), Daniele Faverzani (IT), Dario Campos Cervera (MX), Federico Berti (IT), Federico Montaldo (IT), Francesco D’Alonzo (IT), Geir Moseid (NO), Georg Worecki (LU), Gianni Olivetti (IT), Greg Bal (US), Hiro Tanaka (JP), Josefine Unterhauser (DE), Josh Bergeron (US), Joshua Sarinana (US), Juan Rodríguez Morales (ES), Lauren Grabelle (US), Lawrence Sumulong (US), Lena Tsibziova (RU), Luciano Roncato (IT), Malwa Grabowska (DK), Manlio De Pasquale (IT), Marcello Ceraulo (IT), Matei Curtasu (DE), Matteo Abbondanza (IT), Max Alvarez (ES), Michael Kofteros (CY), Michał Orliński (PL), Michele Di Donato (IT), Michele Palazzo (US), Nathalie Vigini (CH), Never Edit (DE), Nicola Daddi (IT), Nino Evola (IT), Olah László-Tibor (RO), Peter Assay (HU), Rafal Rafalski (PL), Ranu Jain (AE), Rob Krauss (US), Stan Raucher (US), Stuart Chape (WS), Umberto Lucarelli (IT).

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