Display With Us

During the year, Exhibit Around will make a few Open Calls dedicated to projects finalized to have international exhibitions and photobooks that will develop around a given theme. Exhibit Around takes care of all the aspects of the project:  logistics, organization, print, merchandising, visual communication, transportation and setup of all the selected pictures, promotion of involved photographers in Italy and abroad.

To display with Exhibit Around, first of all, is necessary to upload your picture through our dedicated form. Depending on the Project, it is possible to submit either single pictures than projects and portfolios, both will have to follow Exhibit Around’s artistic requests and high standards of quality (Exhibit Around staff will take decisions about it or any other professional put in charge by our staff).

Only authors considered to have uploaded interesting work for that specific project will be contacted and will receive a proposal with all the details.

A submission fee will be asked to cover each participant expenses, depending on the number of pictures to be printed (usually 25€ per picture and with a disconunt for a higher number of pictures) and of one or more of the following offered services:

  • Organization of the exhibition and selection of the venue
  • Photograph selection
  • High Quality print on panel
  • Transport and setup of the exhibition
  • Promotion of the event through dotART’s contacts network (25.000 emails in  our Newsletter)
  • Vernissage and finissage with the Photographer
  • Press office for the author
  • Photo reportage of the exhibition
  • Eventual catalogues or photobooks, on paper or digital
  • It is also possible to take part of Exhibit Around being selected in URBAN Photo Awards

We are also always available to evaluate spontaneous submissions of pictures and projects. We invite all interested photographers to submit your pictures through our Upload and to contact us. We prefer any kind Urban Photography, but it is also possible to send artistic pictures, naturalistic, sceneries, studio photographs, etc.

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