“Generazioni”: exhibition at Photo Days Tour 2020 – Cormòns

“Generazioni”: exhibition at Photo Days Tour 2020 – Cormòns

» Period: Saturday 17 October 2020 – Sunday 13 December 2020
» Location: Museo del Territorio
» Address: Piazza XXIV Maggio, 22, Cormòns – Italy
» Info: info@exhibitaround.com

The Generazioni photographic project will be officially presented on Saturday 17 October 2020, at 10.30 am at the Museo del Territorio in Cormòns (GO), as part of the Photo Days Tour, a setting of events taking place outside the city during the Trieste Photo Days festival.

We will open the group exhibition with the best photos of the project, and present the photographic book (an original mix between photography and poetry). Gioacchino Boglich of the AsSostegno association, who collaborated in editing the poems in the book, will give a speech.

In addition, we will award the best authors present with a medal:

  • Best Author » Dejan Mijović (Slovenia)
  • Honorable mention » Amir Ali Navadeh Shahla (Iran)
  • Honorable mention » Dmitriy Vavilov (Russia)
  • Honorable mention » Marylise Vigneau (France)
  • Honorable mention » Riccardo Colelli (Italy)
  • Honorable mention » Willem Kuijpers (Netherlands)
  • Best Poet » Alessio Monastra (Italy)

On display photos by: Alain Schroeder, Amir Ali Navadeh Shahla, Andrea Pozzoni, Dejan Mijović, Diego Ravalico, Dmitriy Vavilov, Iolanda Pazzanese, Lorenzo Feurra, Luca Sorato, Marc De Tollenaere, Marco Biancardi, Marylise Vigneau, Michele Forni, Paola Bet, Riccardo Colelli, Roberto Serra, Simonetta Rossetti, Umberto Cenedese, Willem Kuijpers, Živana Selimović.

Generazioni is a project focused on the elders, putting together photography and poetry.

A project created by dotART / Exhibit Around in collaboration with the AsSostegno association and the ITIS of Trieste.

Generazioni speaks about the Great Age in an innovative way through the photographic-poetic mixture. Old people pictured in their daily life, in urban space or at home: historical memory of society, heritage to be valued, messengers of culture, wisdom, traditions and values. A bridge between different generations, a connection to promote dialogue and understanding between elders and young people.

In addition to the Generazioni photos. the Museo del Territorio in Cormòns will show the exhibition Sulle tracce dello Stato Patriarcale di Aquileia and the best photos classified in the URBAN 2020 Photo Awards competition.

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