MITHOGRAPHY VOL. 01 @ Trieste Photo Days – Accademia Scaglia

MITHOGRAPHY VOL. 01 @ Trieste Photo Days - Accademia Scaglia

» Period: Saturday 09 October 2021 – Saturday 27 November 2021
» Location: Accademia Scaglia
» Address: Via Cecilia de Rittmeyer, 7/A , Trieste – Italy
» Info:

Winners on display with Francesco Cito portfolios: “Sardegna” and “Conflitti in bianco e nero”

Mythography – Vol. 01 project, selected by the Exhibit Around editorial team.

  • Best Author: Louisa Maria Gouliamaki (Poland)
  • Honorable mention: Andrey Smolnikov (Russia)
  • Honorable mention: Cristiano Zingale (Italy)
  • Honorable mention: Eduard Korniyenko (Russia)
  • Honorable mention: Francesca Codogno (Italy)
  • Honorable mention: Maurizio Leonardi (Italy)
  • Honorable mention: Ron Haviv (USA)
  • Honorable mention: Teresa Meier (USA)

The Mythography series will consist of five volumes to be released annually. Each will be dedicated to a group of Greek/Roman deities that will represent the thematic guidelines of each book. All volumes will include photos and projects by authors from all over the world, selected through free open calls on the Exhibit Around platform.

Each volume will also be introduced by photographs of a special guest and a critical introduction by a mythology expert.

The first volume is dedicated to Mars, Saturn and Neptune and thus to the themes of war, social reportage and the power of nature.



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