FREE Open call: “Generations” – Photo & Poetry

FREE Open call: "Generations" - Photo & Poetry

» Period: Monday 23 March 2020 – Sunday 17 May 2020
» Info:

The cultural association dotART, together with the association AsSostegno and with historical resting home ITIS, is launching a new and free call for entries through the platform Exhibit Around for the photographic/literary project Generazioni (Generations).

The project Generazioni will focus on the elderly and will combine photography and poetry, with the aim to realize a photographic book and a collective exhibition during the seventh edition of Trieste Photo Days festival.

We are looking for:

  • Photographers willing to submit single photos and/or projects/portfolios portraying the elderly and their everyday life in the city and at home;
  • Poets willing to send “literary tweets” (poems of up to 140 characters) on the theme of the project.

Generazioni will talk about the Old Age in an innovative way, through the combination of photography and poetry. We would like to portray the elderly as the historical memory of society, as a heritage to appreciate, as means of culture, wisdom, traditions and values. Our aim is to build a bridge between different generations, a connection which will promote dialogue and mutual understanding between the young and the elderly, through poetry and photography.

Le best photos and poems, which will be respectively selected by dotART and AsSostegno, will become part of the multidisciplinary project, which will feature:

  • A prestigious photographic book, published and promoted by dotART / Exhibit Around, which will alternate images and poems. The book will be officially presented during Trieste Photo Days 2020. Italian Psychologist Alessio Pellegrini will collaborate in the volume.
  • A collective photographic exhibition displaying the best photos of the project, always accompanied by the prints of the best literary tweet. The exhibition will be held at ITIS, during the period of the festival (October-November 2020).

The call will be open from March 23rd to May 17th, 2020 and will be completely free.



» Deadline
The call will be open from March 23rd to May 17th, 2020.

  • In order to submit your photos, you will only have to sign up in the new user area of Exhibit Around, select the call Generations and follow the instructions for Single Photos and/or Projects/Portfolios. Inscriptions to the call are free.
  • In order to submit your poems, you will only have to send them by email to Poems must be submitted in the body of the email.
  • Each participant can submit only photos, only poems, or both photos and poems.
  • If the poems are linked to the photos / portfolio, you can present the two works together, even if they belong to different authors. After uploading the high resolution photos to the user area, write an email to with the poems, specifying the title and / or name of the author of the photos to which they are connected. Please also attach the same photos (here in low resolution).

» Photographic book
The photos selected by the jury will be published in a prestigious photographic book, which will be presented during the festival Trieste Photo Days 2020. A selection of photos and/or projects will become part of the catalogue of the festival.

» Exhibitions
A selection of the best photos will be displayed in a collective exhibition at ITIS, in Trieste, during Trieste Photo Days festival.

» Prizes
Exhibit Around will select the Best Author and the Honorable Mentions, and will award them with a medal during Trieste Photo Days 2020.

» Selection
Only the selected authors will be contacted by the Exhibit Around staff before September 2020.
Financial contributions to enter the project are not required.

» Guidelines for photos and projects

  • Each contestant can submit up to 20 single photos and up to 2 projects/portfolios, containing a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 photos.
  • Both colour and black-and-white photos are allowed.
  • Projects and portfolios will have to be introduces by a brief description / presentation, which Exhibit Around reserves the right to change, edit and/or not publish. The name of the author will always be specified.
  • One of the photos will be chosen to become the cover image and the official visual of the project. Authors wishing to do so are invited to rename one of their photos as “book cover”. The ideal cover image should be evocative, represent the essence of the project and contain a blank space where to add the title.
  • Photos with signatures, filigrees, frames or visible marks will not be accepted.

» Guidelines for poems

  • Each author can submit up to 6 poems.
  • Style and meter are free, as long as each poem contains up to 140 characters. Longer poems can be split in up to 6 chapters (I., II., III., IV., V., VI.)
  • All poems must be submitted in the body of the email.
  • Please add your personal data.

» Technical features of the photos

  • Format: .jpg ;
  • Colour model: RGB;
  • Single photos: each file must be no larger than 7MB;
  • Maximum size of the short edge: 2000 px / Maximum size of the long edge: 6000 px;
  • The file name (filename.jpg) must not contain any special characters (accents, apostrophes, symbols, etc.).

» Upload
In the Portfolio section, please add numbers to the file name, to make sure that they are arranged in the desired order (e.g. filename03.jpg, 08filename.jpg, etc.).

» Copyright
Photographers keep the moral and the intellectual property right to their entries. Authors give dotART association the non-exclusive right to employ the winning or selected photos to support and promote its no-profit initiatives, upon notice to the author (whose name will be always specified).

» Promoters

dotART is a cultural association that since 2009 has promoted, in the territory and abroad, many exhibitions, courses, workshops, editorial projects, prize contests and other initiatives aimed at giving support and visibility to professional and amateur photographers. In particular, the main “cultural reservoirs” of the festival are:

  • Trieste Photo Days, an international photographic festival dedicated to street photography which, since 2014, has been exploring the contemporary world through all forms of photography set in the fabric of the city.
  • URBAN Photo Awards, an international photographic contest which, since 2010, has been looking for talent and quality among professional and amateur photographers, offering them and international stage where to be promoted. Each year, URBAN deals with hundreds of photos and participants from all over the world;
  • Exhibit Around, a platform used to select and promote expositive and editorial projects.

AsSostegno is a non-profit association, which was created with the aim to promote and encourage in the legal, social and cultural fields the implementation of the law on support administration, a resource offered by the legal system for those who are not able to provide for their own interests. AsSostegno was created on May 25th, 2010 (therefore its tenth anniversary will be celebrated in 2020), on the initiative of a group of people prompted by the intention of entrusting a voluntary association with an active service of user information, of operator training and of promotion of a network of entities, services and courts, suitable to offer a concrete service to those in need of this kind of institute. Among its purposes, see art. 2 of the statute, there is also the protection of the rights of vulnerable creatures, providing them with existential opportunities, implementing their overall well-being, also by implementing recreational and leisure activities in favor of weak subjects.

ITIS – Public company for personal services. Partner of dotART association and of Trieste Photo Days festival since 2019, ITIS has been taking care of the elderly for over 195 years, welcoming them, making their stay comfortable and, above all, stimulating, thanks to the several services and initiatives promoted.


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