Open call: “Immigrantopolis”

Open call: "Immigrantopolis"

» Period: Monday 28 January 2019 – Sunday 31 March 2019
» Info:

Photo: Enrico Viezzoli

dotART cultural association through Exhibit Around platform together with the Department of Sociology of Culture Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland, launches a new open call for entries for the project Immigrantopolis.

We are looking for photographers interested in submitting single photos and/or projects/portfolios focused on the presence of immigrants in urban space.

The best photos and projects will converge in a prestigious photographic volume that will be presented during the Trieste Photo Days opening weekend (end of October 2019). A selection of the best photos will become part of a big international collective exhibition in Krakow (Poland).


In the first half of the XX century, Andreas Feininger, the photographer known as “the architect of the picture”, while wandering the streets of Lower Manhattan, managed to grasp a daily life of immigrants who were concentrated in the area, attempting to build their own communities. Immigrant enclaves – just like a skyscrapers – entered the New York’s landscape, becoming an urban phenomenon. Following Feininger’s footsteps, we have created the Photography Project Immigrantopolis. Immigrants have long been the actors of the urban scene. In general: they settle mainly in cities, they build their own ethnic communities in these cities, they create ethnic infrastructure in urban space, they enter into the urban landscape, transforming it constantly, and finally becoming a part of local/urban collective memory. Immigrants create history and contemporary social reality of the cities. It is impossible to delineate and capture the image of the contemporary city without capturing its immigrants contexts.
The Immigrantopolis Project aims at visualizing the existence and presence of immigrants in urban space. The project also a part of attempts to find new ways of exhibiting and discussing the present and the future of immigrants as an urban phenomenon.
The project is designed as a collaborative endeavor of scholars, curators, photographers and is hosted by dotART, a Trieste (Italy) based cultural association, with the substantive support of Anna Fiń from The Department of Sociology of Culture Pedagogical University in Krakow, Poland.


Specific topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Images/Portraits of various immigrants groups in urban space: people, groups, not only refugees but also different European and non-European groups;
  • Immigrant neighborhoods and enclaves in urban space;
  • All manifestations of immigrants’ existence and presence in urban space: ethnic stores, restaurants, architecture, places of worship, signboards, immigrants’ arts;
  • Daily and ceremonial life of immigrants in urban space: various forms of activity, occupational activity, parades and ethnic festivals, daily life, relations with others


» Deadline

The Call is open from 28 January till 31 March 2019. To submit the photos you must fill the Upload form, selecting the Immigrantopolis project. Submissions to this Open Call are for free.

» Photographic volume
Only selected works will become part of a prestigious volume that will be presented at Trieste Photo Days 2019 festival.
The volume will be printed in a limited deluxe edition (special 150 g matt coated paper / format 22×22 cm).
A selection of photo and projects could become part of the Trieste Photo Days 2019 festival catalogue.

» Exhibition
The best photos will be displayed in an international collective exhibition in Krakow.

» Awards
Exhibit Around will select one author and will reward them with a free stay of 3 nights in Trieste during Trieste Photo Days 2019 (last weekend of October), so they can attend the presentation of the volume “Short Street Stories”.

» Selection and Fees
Only selected authors will be contacted by the Exhibit Around staff within April 2019 and will receive a a proposal of refund inclusive for all the above points to become part of the project and of the Exhibit Around circuit.
Logistics, organization, print, merchandising, visual communication, transportation, setup and photo reportage of the events is made by our staff.

» Guidelines

  • Each photographer can upload up to 12 single photos and up to 2 projects/portfolio with at least 3 to a maximum of 20 photos.
  • Both color and black and white images are accepted.
  • Each photographer is free to give his works the style he prefers.
  • Projects and portfolios may be accompanied by a brief description / presentation. Exhibit Around reserves the right to modify, edit and / or not publish it. The author’s name will always be present.
  • We will select one photo that will become the cover image and the official visual of the project. We invite therefore the photographers that desire, to entitle one of the candidate photos as “Cover book”. The ideal image for the cover is evocative, it well represents the spirit of the project and contains “empty space” for the insertion of the title. You can find some examples of cover photos here, here and here.
  • The photos must not contain signatures, filigrees, watermark or frames.
  • Participants will become members of the cultural association dotART for the entire 2019.

» Upload Technical Specifications

  • Only .jpg format
  • RGB colors
  • File dimension lesser than 7MB each
  • Smallest side minimum 2000px / longest side no more than 6000px
  • No special characters in the “filename.jpg”;

» Upload
Our Upload System supports maximum 10 pictures per session. If your project/portfolio has more than 10 pictures you must divide your upload in more sessions. At the end of the first upload session you will be asked to click to continue uploading the new session and you won’t need to fill the form again.
Porfolios: to make sure to have the right order of the portfolio, please add to your filename a sequence number (e.g. filename03.jpg, 08filename.jpg, …).

» Copyright
The participant, in regard to all of his/her entered works, grants to dotART a complete, non-exclusive, irrevocable and indefinite license to use. The association dotART reserves the right to use them within the scope of its own non-profit associational activities. The Author, whose name will always be attributed to the work, maintains in any case his/her moral rights in regard to the work, in addition to the intellectual property rights to the same.

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