“Staying Home Together”: exhibition at the Photo Days Tour 2020 – Aquileia

“Staying Home Together”: exhibition at the Photo Days Tour 2020 – Aquileia

» Period: Saturday 17 October 2020 – Sunday 10 January 2021
» Location: Palazzo Meizlik
» Address: Via Popone Patriarca, Aquileia – Italy
» Info: info@exhibitaround.com

The photographic project Staying Home Together will be officially presented on Saturday 17 October 2020 at 4.00 pm. at Palazzo Meizlik in Aquileia (UD), as part of the Photo Days Tour, a setting of events taking place outside the city during the Trieste Photo Days festival.

We will open the collective exhibition showing the best photos of the project, present the photographic book and award a medal to the best authors present:

  • Best Author » Simon Móricz-Sabján (Hungary)
  • Honorable Mention » Claudiu Asmarandei (Italy / Romania)
  • Honorable Mention » Mona Collins (France)
  • Honorable Mention » Patricio Cassinoni (Argentina / Ireland)

On display photos by: Alena Paivina, Bahram Bayat, Benson Spiers, Bruno Alencastro, Carloman Macidiano Céspedes Riojas, Carlos Becerra, Carolina Costa, Claudiu Asmarandei, Colin Page, Ester Pertegato, Eugenio Novajra, Francesca Berardi, Guillaume Pinto, Juan David Calderón Ardila, Luca Iacono, Marcin Maziej, Margherita Stagliano, Max Intrisano, Mona Collins, Neil Kramer, Niccolò Verecondi, Patricio Cassinoni, Phanuphan Kitsawaeng, Prabu Mohan, Ricardo General, Sattva Horaci Da Silva, Simon Moricz-Sabjan, Simone Zimmermann, Sofia Sebastian, Suzanne Koett, Valeria Ferraro, Yiwei Lu.

Staying Home Together is a project realized by dotART / Exhibit Around in collaboration with the American photomagazine F-Stop and focused on the shared global experience of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 emergency. A new routine seen from our windows, outside and inside. Deserted streets, closed stores and clubs, checkpoints, people lined up outside supermarkets, faces covered with masks.

Staying Home Together at Palazzo Meizlik will be exhibited together with the photos of the project Sulle tracce dello Stato Patriarcale di Aquileia and the best photos classified at the URBAN 2020 Photo Awards.

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