“InLimbo” – Zisis Kardianos

  • 68 pages paperback
  • 29,7 x 21 cm (A4 Format)
  • € 20,00 + shipping fees


TPD Book Award 2018 Winning Project. A suggestive personal record of the state of flux and insecurity of the Greek people, particularly those living in Athens, after the on-going economic recession burst into their lives. What began as an economic crisis soon also became a social and humanitarian one, irrevocably affecting the perceptions and the psyche of a whole nation and tearing through what was for so long and so delusively taken for granted. In my photographic exploration I tried to be restrained, resisting exploitative poverty porn, taking instead the pulse of the street, not a thoroughfare bustling with commercial vibrancy or even a fake euphoria, but one on which an ineffable mixture of frustration, sadness and bewilderment has penetrated every moment of people’s lives. This book is comprised of images in a quasi-documentary style, but the stories behind them have been stripped away in order to enhance their lyrical aspect instead of the merely informational.

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Zisis Kardianos is a photographer based in Zakynthos, Greece. “I look for my subjects and inspiration, moving as a curious observer in the public sphere. My expanded field of interest is in the social landscape but I have no reservation to call myself a street photographer however passé that may sound. My photographs have been exhibited internationally, have been published in magazines and have illustrated book covers. I consider the photo-book as the ideal vehicle to carry my photography and since 2012 I have self-published two books. I am a founding member of the international photographer’s collective “Burn My Eye”, member of the “BULB” collective and contributing photographer to “Millennium” photo agency.”

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