“Urban & Human Empathy” photos on Generali’s 2019 “il Bollettino”

A selection of photos taken from the first 2017 Exhibit Around project Urban & Human Empathy have been published in the prestigious corporate magazine Il Bollettino 2019 by insurance company Generali.

The magazine, free and without commercial purpose, is distributed in 4,000 paper copies to the Generali offices, to the management, to the partners and to the opinion leaders all over the world. The digital format is published on the generali.com portal and on issuu.com and sent via newsletter to Generali employees. It has about 150 pages. It is made in Italian and English.

Selected photographers: Andrea Scirè (Italy), Georg Worecki (Luxembourg), Gianni Olivetti (Italy), Hiro Tanaka (Japan), Josefine Unterhouser (Germany), Lena Tsibziova (Russia), Manlio De Pasquale (Italy), Francesco D ‘ Alonzo, Max Alvarez (Spain), Michele Palazzo (USA), Never Edit (Germany), Rob Krauss (USA), Stan Raucher (USA).

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