“Lost in Shinjuku” – Tadashi Onishi

  • 68 b&w pages
  • 29,7x21cm paperback
  • signed copy limited edition
  • 30 € + shipping fees


Japanese photographer Tadashi Onishi‘s project Lost in Shinjuku has been selected as the winner of the TPD Book Award 2017 call.

The project, documenting with a magnificent black and white the sense of emptiness in the contemporary Tokyo life, has been published by dotART book and has been presented on Saturday, October 28 at Trieste Photo Days by Maurizio Galimberti, who has personally rewarded Onishi, host to the festival.

Tadashi Onishi was born in 1973 Tokyo, Japan. Photographing the cityscape and street life combined with social nature to find common ground between the street and documentary photography in Tokyo.

About the project, Maurizio Galimberti write

A wonderful project, full of anguish and anxiety.
Tadashi Onishi’s diptych images lead to dialogue with great scriptures with small and intimate scripts, returning to the reader the hardness of everyday life.
Tadashi reveals himself a great photographer, the son of Eikoh Hosoe’s lesson and the style that emerged, but unlike Hosoe, Onishi’s photos are overwhelmed by the malaise of the present life.
However, we can recognize in his pictures dreamlike and positive ideas, such as rain, a flower emerging from the asphalt, a liberating bird flight.
This project excited me a lot, thanks Tadashi!


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