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71% - The State of Water

Deadline 26th March 2023

71% – The State of Water

Full regulation

Open call

dotART and Exhibit Around APS associations, creators of the Trieste Photo Days festival, are launching an open call for the new project 71% – The State of Water. The call is open to everyone. Submissions are free.


The call is open from 19th December 2022 to 26th March 2023. To submit photos, just register on the new user area, select the call 71% – The State of Water and follow the procedure for Single Photos and/or Projects /Portfolios.

Photo volume

Only the selected works will become part of a prestigious paper volume that will be presented during Trieste Photo Days 2023 festival (end of October). A selection of photos and/or projects will become part of the festival catalogue.


The best photos will be displayed in an international collective exhibition at the end of October 2023 as part of Trieste Photo Days.

  • Exhibition venue: Sala Veruda, near Piazza Unità (or another prestigious venue in the city centre, such as the Stelio Crise State Library)

Selected photographers with more than one photo may also be exhibited as part of the Photo Days Tour (in Friuli Venezia Giulia region, at one or more prestigious venues to be defined). The aim is to make 71% – The State of Water a widespread exhibition.


Exhibit Around APS will contact some of the selected photographers for interviews that will become part of the official video of the project. It will be a “behind the scenes” that will be screened during the presentation event and subsequently published on the social networks of Trieste Photo Days and Exhibit Around.

Meetings and conferences

71% – The State of Water also includes a cycle of conferences, meetings and related events, aimed at promoting and presenting the book, the exhibition and the topics addressed.

Selection and Fees

You can enter the open call for free.
Exhibit Around APS is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the art of photography. Therefore, the selected artists will be contacted by the staff of Exhibit Around APS by April 2023 and will receive a proposal of publication and cost contribution to join the project, the Exhibit Around network and the Trieste Photo Days photography festival.

The will of participating in the cost contribution does not affect in any way the participation in the initiative, let alone victory.

The contribution requested will make the project possible by covering the costs of logistics, organisation, printing of the photos and the book, merchandising, visual communication, transport, set-up, and photo reports, which will be provided by Exhibit Around.

Authors published in the book will be entitled to a special discount valid for the purchase of 1 copy of the volume (no free copies are provided, unless otherwise specified). All authors will receive a digital copy of the book in pdf format, which will also be published on Issuu.


Exhibit Around will chose one Best Author among the Selected that will be awarded with:

  • A free 3-night stay for 2 in Trieste to attend the presentation of 71% – The State of Water during Trieste Photo Days 2023 (end of October)
  • Guest of honor at the Photographers Dinner during Trieste Photo Days 2023
  • A special trophy
  • 1 free copy of the book 71% – The State of Water
  • 1 free copy of the Trieste Photo Days 2023 catalogue
  • 1 free entry to a workshop/masterclass during Trieste Photo Days 2023 (to be defined)

Honorable mentions will be awarded with:

  • Guest of honor at the Photographers Dinner during Trieste Photo Days 2023
  • Medal
  • 1 free copy of the book 71% – The State of Water

Themes and Style

«71%» represents the percentage of the earth’s surface occupied by water, the essential element for life that Exhibit Around APS aims to celebrate with this new photographic/editorial project. The relationship between Man and Water lends itself to innumerable expressive possibilities:

  • The sea, of course, but also natural and artificial waterways: rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc.
  • Water in all its forms and manifestations: rain, ice, snow, vapour, etc.
  • The scarcity of water (deserts, droughts, fires) and the violence of water (floods, floods, tsunamis).
  • All social and environmental issues related to water: climate change, waste, the impact of water scarcity on different parts of the planet, etc.
  • Water as a source of energy (mills, dams and hydroelectric plants).
  • Water as an artistic expression and symbol of Life.

The aim of the project is to celebrate through photography the element that unites every living being on Earth.

Each author is free to instill his own stylistic code into the works, as well as to choose the type of photography that is most congenial to him: portrait, street photography, social reportage, documentary photography, nature photography, fashion photography, fine-art.


  • Non-member photographers of Exhibit Around APS can upload up to 10 single works and 1 project / portfolio consisting of a minimum of 3 photos to a maximum of 20 photos.
  • Exhibit Around APS member photographers are entitled to unlimited uploads (within the maximum threshold set by the call and by the upload system)
  • We accept both colour images and black & white.
  • Projects and portfolios may be accompanied by a brief description / presentation. Exhibit Around reserves the right to modify, edit and / or not publish it. The author’s name will always be present.
  • We will select one photo that will become the cover image and the official visual of the project. We invite therefore the photographers that desire, to entitle one of the candidate photos as “Cover book”. The ideal image for the cover is evocative, it well represents the spirit of the project and contains “empty space” for the insertion of the title. You can find some examples of cover photos here, here and here.
  • The photos must not contain signatures, filigrees, watermark or frames.
  • Participants will become members of the Exhibit Around association for the entire 2023.

Upload Technical Specifications

  • Only .jpg format
  • RGB color
  • File dimension lesser than 10MB each
  • Smallest side minimum 2000px / longest side no more than 6000px
  • No special characters in the “filename.jpg”;


To make sure to have the right order of the Portfolio, please add to your filename a sequence number (e.g. filename03.jpg, 08filename.jpg, …).


The submitting photographer owns the copyright to all of his images. The photographer grants the associations dotART and Exhibit Around APS a non-exclusive right to use winning images to promote/publicize the Call. The associations reserves also the right to use them within the scope of its own non-profit associational activities after sending an official communication to the author.

The Author, whose name will always be attributed to the work, maintains in any case his/her moral rights in regard to the work, in addition to the intellectual property rights to the same.