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TriestEspresso Photo Days 2022

Full regulation

Open Call

The associations dotART and Exhibit Around APS (promoters of the festival Trieste Photo Days 2022), together with the collaboration of Aries Scarl of the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce (promoter of TriestEspresso Expo 2022), launch this free open call meant for all photographers about the project TriestEspresso Photo Days 2022.
The enrollment in the call, as well as the participation to the project in case of being selected, is totally free of charge.


TriestEspresso Photo Days 2022 is the result of a partnership involving two excellences of the same city, Trieste, with the purpose of combining photography and coffee.

  • Trieste, the city which since 2014 hosts Trieste Photo Days, one of the most important international photography festivals promoted by the associations dotART and Exhibit Around APS.
  • Trieste, the Capital of Coffee, which since 2012 hosts the event TriestEspresso Expo, promoted by Aries Scarl, in the inspiring frame of Porto Vecchio.

The purpose of the project is to celebrate through photography the entire production chain of Coffee. For this reason, a collective photographic exhibition will be organized on the occasion of TriestEspresso Expo 2022 and the Festival Trieste Photo Days 2022, both events taking place at the same time in Trieste at the end of October!

Themes and style

The call is meant for photographers interested in taking part in the competition with single photographs which tell the culture of Coffee from a 360° perspective: production sequences, history, the Espresso-ritual in a coffee bar, small and big roasteries, coffee at home and more broadly the consumption of coffee worldwide.
Each author is free to express their own style in the works, as well as to choose the type of photograph which most suits them.


The Call is open from 15 September to 9 October 2022 on
Registration is completely free, as is participation in the project in case of selection.
To submit the photos, just register in the Exhibit Around user area, select the call for the desired project (TriestEspresso Photo Days 2022) and follow the procedure for Single Photos.

Selection and Exhibition

Exhibit Around APS and TriestEspresso Expo will select the photographs through the open call.
The best works will be exhibited at the TriestEspresso Photo Days 2022 collective exhibition, in the entrance hall of the prestigious Palazzo della Borsa Vecchia, seat of the Venezia Giulia Chamber of Commerce (Piazza della Borsa 14, Trieste).
The exhibition takes place from 27th October to 4th November 2022 and is part of the events Trieste Photo Days 2022 and TriestEspresso Expo 2022.
The exhibition will be presented on 27th October, the opening day of TriestEspresso Expo fair.
Only the selected authors for the exhibition will be contacted by the staff of Exhibit Around APS by the end of October 2022. No expense subsidy will be granted for taking part in the exhibition.


 Exhibit Around APS and TriestEspresso Expo will select the best photograph of the project, which will be awarded:

  • 1,000 € prize (*)
  • Personalized trophy
  • 3-day stay for two persons in Trieste from 27th to 30th October 2022, in order to attend both events.
  • Guess to the Gala Dinner of Trieste Photo Days 2022 (invitation for two persons)

Moreover, honorable mentions will be selected and awarded a personalized medal.

The Awards Ceremony takes place on 27th October, the opening day of the TriestEspresso Expo fair, when the project will be presented and the exhibition opened at Palazzo della Borsa Vecchia.

(*)  gross total upon tax payment provided for by the law.


  • Each photographer can upload up to 20 single photos.
  • We accept both colour and black and white photos.
  • We will select a photo that will become the cover image and the official visual of the project. We therefore invite authors who wish to do so to name one of the candidate photos “Book cover”. The ideal image for the cover is evocative, represents the spirit of the project well and contains “empty space” for the insertion of the title.
  • Photos should not contain signatures, watermarks, or frames.

Technical characteristics of the images

  • Format .jpg
  • Colour method RGB
  • Individual files must be less than 9 MB each
  • Minimum size smallest side: 2000 px / maximum size longest side: 6000 px
  • The file name (filename.jpg) must not contain any special characters (accents, apostrophes, symbols, etc.)


Each photographer retains the moral rights and intellectual property rights to his or her entries. Each author grants the dotART and Exhibit Around APS associations, plus Aries Scarl – Camera di Commercio Venezia Giulia, the non-exclusive right to use the winning/selected images to promote/publicise the non-profit activities of the association, subject to official communication to the author (whose name will always be attributed to the work).

 ARIES Consortium society has the right to use the selected photographs for its non-commercial communication until the end of 2023 and 2024. The photograph and Trieste Photo Days will always be quoted.