• Uploaded pictures must have at least one element regarding the thematic of the Open Call
  • Projects & Portfolios must have a short description. For single pictures it is not required.
  • Participants will become dotART associates for current year.
  • Only selected photographers will be contacted to join Exhibit Around.


  • Only jpg
  • RGB colors
  • file dimension lesser than 7MB each
  • smallest side minimum 2000px / longest side no more than 6000px
  • No special characters in the “filename.jpg”;


  • Our Upload System supports maximum 10 pictures per upload session. If your project/portfolio has more than 10 pictures you must divide your upload in more sessions.  At the end of the first upload session you will be asked to click to continue uploading the new session and you won’t need to fill the form again. 
  • Porfolios: to make sure to have the right order of the portfolio, please add to your filename a sequence number (e.g. filename03.jpg, 08filename.jpg, …).


  • The participant, in regard to all of his/her entered works, grants to dotART a complete, non-exclusive, irrevocable and indefinite license to use. The association dotART reserves the right to use them within the scope of its own non-profit associational activities. The Author, whose name will always be attributed to the work, maintains in any case his/her moral rights in regard to the work, in addition to the intellectual property rights to the same.

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