Black & White Trieste: authors, book and exhibit!

We are glad to announce the 49 authors who will make the Black & White Trieste project happen. You can find them at the bottom of the article. The project is promoted by Italian cultural association dotART through its platform Exhibit Around.


The collective exhibition with more than 160 photos, will open on Saturday, June 15, 2019 simultaneously at all locations:

In the coming days we will update this news specifying the photographers exposed for each bar.

The exhibition will be open util September 30, 2019 (unless other exhibitions are installed at the discretion of the various bars).


At the bars you can find the beautiful catalog of the exhibition: 200 pages that cast artistic, original and unusual looks on Trieste. If you wish to buy it, you can already pre-order a copy by completing the purchase form. The discounted price 15 € is valid until Thursday May 23, 2019, after which the sales price will be 20 €.

The Black & White Trieste volume will also be presented on Saturday 26 October 2019 at the Trieste Photo Days festival.



Alessandro Ledda
Alessandro Sarti
Andrea Valenti
Antonella Fassio
Christian Stahl
Corrado Enea Crevatin
Cristian Deklic
Elena Oliosi
Eligio Verazzi
Elisa Moro
Elisabetta Chinellato
Enrico Mika Crevatin
Enrico Viezzoli

Ester Cecchin
Fabrizio Degrassi
Federico Rotondo
Gabriele Altin
Giacomo Basile
Giacomo Pozzecco
Gian Piero Deotto
Giorgio De Zan
Giulia Cargnelli
Giulio Tarantino
Gyula Salusinszky
Jeannette Muller
Lisa Andreatta

Lorenzo Feurra
Loretta Fonio
Luca Lamanna
Małgorzata Mikołajczyk
Matteo Michelutti
Matteo Pentassuglia
Mattia Pasini
Mauro Varagnolo
Michela Porta
Michele Andreossi
Mimma Livini
Miriam Cechet
Monica Ravalico

Niccolò Corvini
Pablo Ritossa
Paola Bet
Rajini Poselli
Riccardo Crevatin
Roberto Furlan
Roberto Miceli
Valentina Bollea
Valentina Picinin
Yamil Vidal


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