Urban & Human Empathy – l’elemento umano

The City: lights and shadows, colors and grayness, frenzy and relaxation, history and modernity, opulence and misery. Contrasts that shape people’s lives. The city is surrounding us, influencing us, constraining us. Anyways, at the same time, we melt in it. Key element of “Urban and Human Empathy” is Mankind absorbed into the urban fabric.

Open Call ends on 31st March 2017. To submit the pictures it is needed to fill the Upload form, selecting “Urban and Human Empathy”.
Selected authors will receive a publication proposal and will be able to join this project on Exhibit Around.


  • Part of the pictures (at least one for each photographer) will be displayed in an international exhibition spread in more venues in Cracow and/or Budapest, along with a photographic reportage
  • Same pictures will be exhibited then in Trieste Airport for two months (October and November) during Trieste Photo Days 2017
  • Publication of all selected pictures in the official photobook “Urban and Human Empathy”
  • Publication of selected interviews of the authors on the website and on media partner network
  • Logistics, organization, print, merchandising, visual communication, transportation and setup of all the selected pictures is made by our staff.

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