“Shadows & Reflections” – Mattia Pasini + “Symbiosis” – Antonio Salaverry @ PURO, Trieste (Italy)

» Periodo: lunedì 24 febbraio 2020 - domenica 26 aprile 2020
» Luogo: Puro
» Indirizzo: Via Torino, 31, Trieste - Italia
» Info: info@exhibitaround.com

“Shadows & Reflections” – Mattia Pasini

Each image tells multiple stories; reality is doubled and multiplied by the reflections on store windows and mirrors.

I like seeing myself as an illusionist who, thanks to his camera, discovers secret ties, never-expressed thoughts, ungraspable situations that reveal themselves through the images.

Photography creates communication among foreign worlds, unites people, or their shadows, which softly touch each other, making their connection real and true for an instant.

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