“Belleville Murals” – Giuliana Mariniello


“Belleville Murals” – Giuliana Mariniello  This is a selection of photos of murals I took in Paris while I was staying there for one of my exhibitions. They were taken in the multicultural and colourful area of Belleville, which has become famous also thanks to Daniel Pennac books, with the saga of the Malaussène family set in this cosmopolitan quartier. Now Belleville is a centre for artists and writers and one of the most vivacious areas of Paris. I was attracted by the murals as expression of street art with multiple layers of graffiti, images, writings  and paintings.


  • 20.09.2019 – 24.11.2018 | Trieste Photo Fringe – DRAW | Trieste, Italy
  • 09.12.2019- 09.02.2020 | Hops BeerStrò| Trieste, Italy
  • 24.02.2020- 26.04.2020 | Trieste Photo Fringe – White Cafè | Trieste, Italy


Giuliana Mariniello was born in Piedmont and is of Istrian origin (Porec). She has taught English Literature at the University of Naples Orientale and has published several books and essays on Shakespeare, the English culture of the Renaissance, the  travel literature and the intercultural relations between the East and the West.  She is interested in the theoretical aspects of photography and has been carrying  on a personal artistic research for several years. She has taken part in various workshops with well-known Italian and foreign photographers, including M. Ackerman, Jane Evelyn Atwood, M. Botman, M. Cresci, F. Fontana, F. Jodice, D. Kirkland, G. le Querrec , S. Plachy, and A. Webb. She has exhibited in about 50 solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Paris, Arles, Budapest, Krakow, New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv) and has received various awards such as the Kodak Elite Prize and the Photofolio Prix  at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie of Arles. Some themes of her work are the urban landscape, the representation of the feminine and the relationship between the sacred and  the profane. She has curated several exhibitions (G. Berengo Gardin, F. Cito, F. Fontana, G. Leone, H. Stein, C. Garca Rodero) and written articles, essays and presentations of photobooks. Her publications include Women X Women (2011), Marilyn Forever (Roma, 2013) and the essay Sulla fotografia giapponese contemporanea (Naples, 2013).She is a member of the FIAF, of the Italian Women Photographers Association and of the Editorial Board of the magazine FOTOIT.

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