“Symbiosis” – Antonio Salaverry


‚ÄúSymbiosis‚ÄĚ – Antonio Salaverry

Symbiosis is a project that aims to highlight the architectural works of Brasília and the interaction of man with these works. In the images, a human figure is always present next to the constructions. Man designs, builds, utilizes, and therefore gives meaning to these structures. Man and architecture complete themselves in a symbiotic relationship, so that it would be senseless to portray works of such importance deserted, without use.


  • 20.09.2019 – 24.11.2018 |¬†Trieste Photo Days – Sircelli¬†¬†| Trieste, Italy
  • 24.02.2020- 23.04.2020 | Trieste Photo Fringe –¬† PURO| Trieste, Italy


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