“The Secret Life Of Buildings” – Carlo Travaglini Allocatelli


The Secret Life Of Buildings – Carlo Travaglini Allocatelli. This project is based on the idea that the buildings that create the urban environments we live in are in fact mysterious objects, endowed with a secret life.
These images represent my attempt to unveil the hidden life of buildings and to visualize what is normally not perceived, something about them that is not immediately evident.
All these images are obtained through a deliberate and bold use of tonality and contrast in an effort to emphasize formal elements such as lines, shapes, shadows and symmetry.


  • 22.10 – 25.11.2018 | Trieste Photo Fringe 2018 | Lettera Viva | Trieste, Italy


Carlo Travaglini Allocatelli, Rome 1963. “My interest in photography dates back since I attended a course in photography at the Maine Photographic Workshops (USA) in 1980. I have been mainly interested in black and white photography of landscapes and architecture. However, only recently I began to share my work in exhibitions and international competitions. Some of my photographs appeared in the online art magazine Diwali (2014) and in the collective exhibition at the Coronari111 Art Gallery (Rome, 2017).”

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