URBAN unveils the City and its Secrets - Vol. 01

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The aim of this editorial project dedicated to street photography is to provide the reader with an overview of micro-stories told through images.
These authentic and immediate images have in common an element which is either obvious or just hardly visible. The stories are divided into four chapters dedicated to the origin of the world, a process that goes through the animal evolution (Origins/Instinct), it evolves to achieve progress (Progress) and ends in the apparent self-realization that sometimes leads to getting lost without a meaning (Endgame). The photos all together make up an organic collage that reveals the City and its secrets.
The photos that narrate these stories have been selected from URBAN 2015 ranking. URBAN is an annual international photography competition which gathers thousands of competing photos and hundreds of participants from all over the world. The photographers inserted in this publication use their sensitivity when approaching the protagonists or everyday life.

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Fabiola Sbano, Chellali Laurence, Adriana Świątek, Alessandro Biggi, Alessandro Pisani, Andrea Boccini, Andrea Falcon, Andrea Ricci, Angelo Farina, Aurelien Voldoire, Bartlomiej Jurecki, Brut Carniollus, Carla Fiorina, Cato Mørner, Chak Ho Leung, Daniele Ficarelli, Daniele Scarso, David Vergara, Davide Corona, Diego Bardone, Diego Pizi, Diego Ravalico, Eddie Wexler, Elena Cometti, Elena Preti, Federico Berti, Ferruccio Valtemara, Florin Flacau, Francesco Licandro, Francesco Luppi, Francesco Truzzi, Giancarlo Staubmann, Giorgio Andreaggi, Giorgio Cappiello, Giovanni Di Domenicantonio, Giuseppe Milo, Giuseppe Persia, Guichard Laetitia, Hans-Joerg Aleff, Helene Chandiok, Ioannis Lachanis, Jane Zhang, Javier Arcenillas, Jianwei Yang, Judit Ruprech, Katarzyna Krzykowska, Lisa Shalom, Luca De Rossi, Luigi Azzarone, Madiha Abdo, Magdalena Bednarska, Malgorzata Czerwien, Manakos Athanasio, Marc Gascoigne, Marco Tagliarino, Marilina Durante, Mario Velez, Martina Biccheri, Massimo Panzavolta, Matteo Capellini, Michal Koralewski, Michele Rieri, Mona Blank, Olah Laszlo-Tibor, Paolo Santarsiero, Philippa Stannard, Rafal Korban, René Piras, Roux Cedric, Sandip Bose, Silvio Lucchini, Stefano Siano, Stefano Spigolon, Tatsuo Suzuki, Tripler Roman, Tymon Markowski, Vendrame Loic, Vincenzo Di Savino, Vinko Bandelj, Yew Kiat Soh, Yuliy Vasilev.


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"URBAN unveils" series
22x22 cm
Paperback - Gloss lamination

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