Vajont Photo Days: 1963 – 2023 | Photographic book

Book cover of the photographic volume about Vajont Dam

Photographic book:
Vajont Photo Days: 1963 – 2023

The photographic volume dedicated to the memory of Vajont. The result of the selection of the best shots collected through the Open Call, it contains shots by 66 photographers and over 350 photographs. With the participation of the guest of honor Pierpaolo Mittica, award-winning photographer and filmmaker who has published for major international publications including National Geographic, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Newsweek, Days Japan International.

Release year2023
Published photographers66
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The photographic project:

Vajont Photo Days is a dialogue between photography, historical memory, dissemination and enhancement of the territory. An exciting journey through time, starting from "before the tragedy" up to the present day, sixty years after the dramatic event of the Vajont. An in-depth view of the territory affected by the disaster, exploring the history, the culture, the daily life of the people who live it and their memory.