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A new way to promote photographers and their art

Events, open calls, exhibitions, books and much more.

Every year we do our best to organize and promote various photographic initiatives in order to promote photographers and what photography means to them.
We want to give photography a global spotlight and to do so every year we are launching open calls, photography exhibitions and photo books.
All our events are presented and promoted at the international photography festival Trieste Photo Days with live events and global special guests: Alex Webb, Martin Parr, Susan Meiselas, Nino Migliori, Pierpaolo Mittica, Alec Soth, Kadir van Lohuizen, Jérôme Sessini, Nino Migliori and many others!

New 2024!

Exhibit Around's PhotoPoints are here!

icona programma fedeltà per i fotografi

Born from the desire to reward our members for their support and participation, PhotoPoints are a virtual currency that you can use on our dotLogic platform. Earn points with your photos and by winning our calls and contests, such as the annual EA Cup, designed exclusively for you! What are you waiting for? Discover all the advantages of your PhotoPoints!



Photography Master

100 / year SELECT

Photography Enthusiast

50 / year SELECT

Photography Member

20 / year SELECT
Free photography masterclasses
Acknowledgment in the festival catalog and on the website with a link to your website or social media
Welcome packet: backpack, t-shirt, pin, mask and sticker
Limit of free uploads in EA's open calls doubled
20% Bookshop discount coupon
Exclusive members-only prizes
Inclusion in members-only limited edition photography volume
Free access to the photographic tournament EA Cup 2024 (2023 edition)
Making possible the realization of projects, exhibitions, books and events

Photography LEGEND

All the Photography Master benefits plus:

  • special thanking live at the festival (with stage invitation if present)
  • free photo catalog of the festival
  • photo on display at the Trieste Photo Fringe
  • priority list for the Trieste Photo Days gala dinners
Free offer starting from: 200 SELECT

Incoming photographic activites in 2024*

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1ˢᵗ Open Call

Theme: sports

Mythography Special Issue

Limited edition about sports

2ⁿᵈ Open call | Mythography vol. 4


3ʳᵈ Open Call

Theme: wines

PixAround FVG 2024

The 24HOURS of Photography | Photographic walkings

4ᵗʰ Open Call | GO! 2025


Book production

Editing, designing, pagination, printing

EA Cup 2024 | Members Trophy

2ⁿᵈ edition
Trieste Photo Days festival fotografico logo

Culmination of photographic projects at the international urban photography festival Trieste Photo Days.

*The indicated periods may be subject to change for practical and organizational reasons. New additional activities can be added throughout the year.

Let's turn what's virtual into actual

It is thanks to you that Exhibit Around has the opportunity to transform the virtual into reality every year.
Starting with the large online photographic open calls, which see the participation of thousands of photographers from all over the world every year, we create real photographic exhibitions, photographic books and volumes, documentaries, live events, photographic walkings and much more.
Thanks to your participation we have the opportunity to create a large community dedicated to photographers which, year after year, is committed to growing in order to give even more prestige and visibility to photography, also through the international photography festival Trieste Photo Days.

It is always thanks to you that we are able to value our photographic projects by involving big names in international photography, inviting special guests and making them participate together with you in the projects of the photographic reality of Exhibit Around.

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grande mostra fotografica internazionale

I've never seen something as special as Trieste Photo Days photography festival during my 80 years career.

Nino Migliori about the photography festival organized and promoted by Exhibit Around.


Torneo fotografico EA Cup 2024

EA Cup 2024 - Members only photographic tournament

Become the next champion of the EA Cup, the members-only themed photography competition!
A knockout photographic tournament with lots of prizes up for grabs for EA members only!

Produzione libri e volumi fotografici

A limited edition photographic volume

Become part of the exclusive editorial project for EA members only based on the theme of the EA Cup 2024 tournament.
A limited edition photographic volume with only the photos submitted by our members!

Weekend degustazione premio per fotografi

Win a special weekend! Only for members!

Up for grabs for Exhibit Around members is a free weekend immersed in a tasting experience in a fine local wine estate!
Fully experience the theme of the 3rd photographic open call with the exclusive prize for members only!


Laudani Valeria | Photography LEGEND


Worecki Georg | Photography LEGEND


Valentina Ambrosi | Photography Master


Barriga Jose Gaston | Photography Master


Calamelli Gabriele | Photography Master


Gielen Ingrid | Photography Master


Giglio Harry | Photography Master


Kremneva Maria | Photography Master


Richards Patricia D. | Photography Master


Salzmann Peter | Photography Master


Schiratti Renzo | Photography Master



You may want to know...

Exhibit Around is an APS: Social Promotion Association. It's pure passion for photography, non-profit. This is exactly why we need you. It is thanks to you members that we are able to support the logistics costs of the exhibitions, photo printing, event organization and all that may be required to create a large festival such as Trieste Photo Days.

How does renewal work?

Exhibit Around will not make any automatic charges. All members will be contacted personally to ask if they wish to renew their membership for the following year. We want our members to have full control over their membership.

How do photo upload limits work?

All photographers and users can participate in our photographic initiatives and projects. However, we want to reward our members by doubling the limit on the number of photos they can upload to our dotLogic member area when they participate.
All subscribers will see their upload limit increased automatically depending on their membership level.