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EA Cup 2023

Members Trophy - Iˢᵗ edition

The first edition of the Exhibit Around trophy reserved for members who will be all-round protagonists of the birth and development of this new format. New members can also participate thanks to a special promotion in view of the birth of the tournament.

Deadline 7th August 2023

EA Cup 2023 - Members trophy

Exhibit Around APS launches the first edition of the trophy reserved to members who will be the all-round protagonists of the birth and development of this new format.

Contest & theme

It is a real knockout photographic tournament, where the photos in the competition will compete until the final podium.
Prizes up for grabs for first place (winner), second place and tied third place (semi-finalists).
The theme of this first edition of the photographic tournament reserved for members will be street photography.

"Best voter" prize

Never stop winning!
A special prize is reserved for the "Best voter" photographer: the participants themselves will vote for the photos in the competition, earning points each time the chosen photo moves on to the stage, eliminating the opposing one.
The one who has accumulated the most points through this system will be awarded with the prizes.
Furthermore, if your photo is eliminated from the competition, you can still continue to vote and accumulate points!

For who is it for

The first edition of EA Cup 2023 is reserved to Exhibit Around members who will be able to participate in the tournament for free by uploading their photo.
All users wishing to take part in this tournament will be able to register for Exhibit Around by taking advantage of a special promotion on the occasion of this first edition of the tournament.
In addition to participating in EA Cup 2023, becoming an Exhibit Around member gives you access to a whole series of benefits that can be consulted on this page.

Why participate

EA Cup 2023 wants to make our featured members special.
We want to give our subscribers a special opportunity to showcase their photographic talent. Furthermore, for this occasion the members will be able to give their very personal contribution to what will be the development of the EA Trophy in the next editions, providing suggestions and expressing their opinion on the modalities of the contest.

Knockout tournament, rounds, voting and brackets

The EA Cup 2023 member trophy will take place divided into knockout rounds: each photo in the race will be randomly associated with another photo as an opponent.
The photo with the most votes will advance to the next round.

The participants themselves will be called to vote and the quality of the vote will be guaranteed by the scoring system of the "Best voter" award which will motivate the members to vote rewarding photographic quality and enhancing their intuition as photographers.


Registration for the competition is reserved to Exhibit Around APS members. You can find out how to sign up and the benefits of the various tiers by visiting this page.
To submit photos, simply sign up or login to the Exhibit Around user area on dotLogic, select the EA Cup 2023 contest and follow the upload procedure.

Each author is free to infuse the works with his own stylistic code, as well as to choose the type of photography that is most congenial to him. You can submit one photo.




Iˢᵗ classified

Second finalist

IInd classified

Semifinalists on tie

IIIrd classified
EA Cup 2023 trophy
2023 Members tournament medal
Photo pubblished in the Hall of Fame (starting from 2024)
Choice of a juror photographer for the URBAN Photo Awards 2024 international contest
Invitation to the Trieste Photo Days 2023 Gala Dinner
Invitation to the Trieste Photo Days 2023 Author's Dinner
1 free photographic volume of your choice from the Exhibit Around catalogue
1 photo pubblished in the final photo catalogue of Trieste Photo Days 2023
1 photo on exhbition at the Trieste Photo Days 2023 festival


  • 2023 members tournament medal
  • Name in the Hall of Fame (starting from 2024)
  • Invitation to the Trieste Photo Days 2023 Gala Dinner
  • Invitation to the Trieste Photo Days 2023 Author's Dinner
  • 1 free photographic volume of your choice from the Exhibit Around catalogue


You may want to know...

Exhibit Around is a social promotion association that believes in the art of photography and wishes to enhance the work of the non-profit photographer. It is precisely the photographers who make all this possible, thanks to their participation in our projects throughout the year, but above all thanks to the support of our members who support us and believe in us.
Becoming a member does not imply any kind of obligation and no automatic renewal will be activated. We'll contact you when your membership expires asking if you'd like to renew: we want our members to keep control.

Is participation free?

Participation in the tournament is completely free for all photographers registered with Exhibit Around.
Photographers without membership can still sign up before participating to gain access to the tournament and all the benefits of membership. A special promotion is active on membership packages on the occasion of the launch of the first edition of the tournament. For more information you can visit the Member Benefits page.

What technical characteristics must the photos have?

Photos must not contain signatures, watermarks, watermarks or frames. Images must be in '.jpg' format and the color mode must be RGB. The size of the single file must be less than 9 MB while the dimensions required for the photos are:

  • minimum 2000px short side
  • maximum 6000px long side

The file name must not contain special characters but only letters and/or numbers.

Who owns the rights of the submitted photo?

Each photographer retains the moral and intellectual property rights on their works submitted for the call. Each author grants the Exhibit Around and dotART association the non-exclusive right to use the winning / selected images to promote and/or advertise the association's non-profit activities, subject to official communication to the author (whose name will always be attributed to the work).