“Dualism” – Monica Montefusco

THE PROJECT Dualism – Monica Montefusco. The similarities between flowers and dance. EXHIBITIONS 22.10 – 25.11.2018 | Trieste Photo Fringe 2018 | Puro | Trieste, Italy 01.02 – 31.03.2019 | Caffè Teatro Verdi | Trieste, Italy  

“Utopia Ending” – Gianluca Calise

THE PROJECT Utopia Ending – Gianluca Calise. I come back to live in London after many years. Despite the uncertainty of the Brexit, the City is changing. Cranes, indicating a new real estate development, are everywhere. A repetitive architecture denotes new residential districts ready-to-show. It is hard for me to …

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“Where We Belong” – Giada Sponzilli

THE PROJECT Where We Belong – Giada Sponzilli. Where we belong è una passeggiata attraverso luoghi popolati da uomini e dalle loro costruzioni, piazze, strade, edifici e tutto ciò che l’uomo ha costruito per abitare i luoghi del mondo, per sentirli propri. Ma cos’è l’uomo in confronto a questi luoghi? …

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“Sous La Lumière” – Christoph Montebelli

THE PROJECT Sous La Lumière – Christoph Montebelli. La serie “Sous la lumière” descrive i ritmi modernistici nei paesaggi urbani di tre affascinanti metropoli in Africa e nel Mediterraneo, oramai celebri per il loro modernismo architettonico: Casablanca, Dakar e Tel Aviv. La serie ricerca la bellezza astratta nelle facciate degli …

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“Faces Of Time” – Giuliana Mariniello

THE PROJECT Faces Of Time – Giuliana Mariniello. One of the main subjects of my personal photographic research is the urban environment, a privileged place of observation of the changes, practices and ways of representation of contemporary society which is continuously changing and transforming itself. During this research I have …

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“Pier To Pier” – Giedo Van Der Zwan

THE PROJECT Pier To Pier – Giedo Van Der Zwan. 200 years ago, the first bathing houses were placed on the beach. They marked the start of the modern Scheveningen sea-bathing culture. However, all those years ago, Scheveningen was mainly a poor fishing village. ‘Van der Zwan’ is a well-known …

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