Short Street Stories @ Trieste Photo Days 2019

Short Street Stories @ Trieste Photo Days 2019

» Period: Friday 25 October 2019 – Sunday 10 November 2019
» Location: Sala Veruda – Palazzo Costanzi
» Address: Piazza Piccola 2, Trieste – Italy
» Info:

Short Street Stories international collective exhibition with the best pictures taken from the project at the “U. Veruda” hall, in the heart of Trieste.

173 authors from all over the world selected for this ambitious tribute to the satirical street photography of Martin Parr and Nick Turpin, promoted by Exhibit Around platform.

Short Street Stories follows the success of the first two original projects by Exhibit Around: Urban & Human Empathy (2017) and Flowing City (2018), which brought together 49 and 69 photographers from all over the world respectively.

Created by the cultural association dotART, Short Street Stories was conceived as an ambitious group homage to the sardonic style of Martin Parr, Nick Turpin and the photography collectives In-Public, Un-posed and Burn My Eye.
Photos and projects that are exclusively street and look at the contemporary society with humor and satire. An “anthropologic” photography, playful and ironic, telling us about the modern world, its current changes and social differences from a different perspective.
A unique and significant project consisting of a prestigious photobook and an international collective exhibition.
173 authors from all over the world are involved, selected among the 530 and more that applied for the Exhibit Around open call back in December 2018.
Besides them, a very special guest, Nick Turpin! He did us the honor to open the Short Street Stories book with some of his pictures. Bringing together a master and the followers of his work, we can say that we managed to square the circle.
The authors included in Short Street Stories showed that they have learned the lesson of the great street photographers. They now reinterpret it following their own style and sensibility.

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