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open call fotografia italia 2022 uscite fotografiche FVG

PixAround FVG 2022

PixAround is a series of photographic volumes focused on the regional territory. A project structured in group photographic outings and in a contest between the photographic circles of the region. The collected photos will give life to a dedicated exhibition within the Trieste Photo Days international photography festival and to various exhibitions on the regional territory within the Photo Days Tour.

Deadline 10th July 2022

open call fotografia italia 2022 uscite fotografiche FVG

PixAround FVG 2022

PixAround is a photographic project promoted by Exhibit Around APS and by the dotART cultural association which collects photos of the regional territory.

The project

Launched in 2021, the PixAround FVG editorial project   is a series of photographic volumes focused on the regional territory, which will give life to related photographic exhibitions as part of the Trieste Photo Days / Photo Days Tour festival . The aim of the project is to promote and enhance the cities, towns and provinces of Friuli Venezia Giulia through street photography, social reportage, architectural photography, and in general all photographic styles capable of restoring the essence of a territory rich in history, art and culture.

The theme

The photographic Open Call aims to collect single photos  and/or  projects/portfolios  capable of casting an original look at the daily life of the region and capturing with an artistic eye real moments, instants, glimpses, faces against the background of the innumerable beauties of FVG : from city ​​squares to the alleys of towns and villages, passing through castles, abbeys, popular neighborhoods, industrial areas and unusual places.

Who is it for?

To photographers interested in submitting single photos , but also projects and portfolios , able to launch an original look at the FVG region.
The participating photographers will have the opportunity to see their photos exhibited in various exhibitions throughout the region and to see them included in the PixAround FVG 2022 photographic volume.

The photos

Each author will be able to address the theme through the photographic genre he feels closest to: portrait, street photography, social reportage, documentary photography, fashion photography or fine-art. You can submit photos for multiple locations.

During the period of the PixAround FVG 2022 photographic open call, the 24 HOURS of Photography  will take place  , a series of  group photographic outings  open to all (here the  calendar ) and linked to a  contest . Each release will be promoted in collaboration with a  local photographic club  .

The photographic circles involved in PixAround will create portfolios with the best photographs of their members. The portfolios of the circles will collide in the "Battle of the Circles" to determine the best portfolio.



The call is open to all and registration is free. To submit photos, simply register or access the Exhibit Around user area , select the PixAround FVG 2022 call  and follow the procedure for  Single Photos  and/or  Projects/Portfolios .

The best photos will be selected and will be part of the exhibitions on the regional territory and of the final photographic book.



As part of the open call Exhibit Around APS will select the best author and honorable mentions who will be awarded with a medal during the Trieste Photo Days festival.

The winners of the 24 HOURS of Photography and the Battle of the Circles will then be selected.

Best photos of each city (24H of Photography)

For the winner of each city there are:

  • Amazon Gift Card worth €100.00
  • Books by Exhibit Around and CRAF for a value of €200.00
  • Personalized medal

Best Portfolio (Battle of Circles)

Up for grabs for the winning club:

  • Amazon Gift Card worth €500.00
  • Books by Exhibit Around and CRAF for a value of €500.00
  • Custom trophy
open call fotografia fvg 2022



You may want to know...

The selected photos will be exhibited in various exhibitions in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The exhibitions will be part of the Photo Days Tour, a setting for photographic events taking place outside the city during the Trieste Photo Days festival.
We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter or, alternatively, follow our news section to stay updated on the exhibitions currently being organised.

Is participation free?

Participation in the Open Call is free.
Exhibit Around is a social promotion association, therefore it is not for profit. The photographers whose photos have been selected as the best will then be contacted by October 2022. There are no expenses contributions to be part of the exhibition.

What technical characteristics must the photos have?

A candidate photo will be selected as the cover. Authors wishing to submit their photo explicitly for the cover should add the word "cover" to the name of the uploaded file.
Photos must not contain signatures, watermarks, watermarks or frames. Images must be in '.jpg' format and the color mode must be RGB. The size of the single file must be less than 9 MB while the dimensions required for the photos are:

  • minimum 2000px short side
  • maximum 6000px long side

The file name must not contain special characters but only letters and/or numbers.

Who does the rights to the candidate photos go to?

Each photographer retains the moral and intellectual property rights on their works submitted for the call. Each author grants the Exhibit Around and dotART association the non-exclusive right to use the winning / selected images to promote and/or advertise the association's non-profit activities, subject to official communication to the author (whose name will always be attributed to the 'Opera).