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Earn Rewards with PhotoPoints: Your New Photography Currency

8 July 2024

Since its launch in 2017 as a platform of the dotART cultural association, Exhibit Around has evolved into an independent APS (Associazione di Promozione Sociale – Social Promotion Association), committed to supporting photographers through exhibitions, editorial and multimedia projects. Together with the URBAN Photo Awards photo contest and Trieste Photo Days, these cultural initiatives promote visual arts and nurture photographic talent worldwide. They collectively provide international exposure for photographers through events, photo books, learning activities, fostering a vibrant and supportive community for visual storytelling.

Introducing PhotoPoints

To further strengthen community bonds and reward participation, we have introduced PhotoPoints. By integrating the URBAN Photo Awards contest and Exhibit Around open calls into a unified platform called dotLogic, we provide seamless access to contests, workshops, masterclasses, books, and exclusive discounts. Although PhotoPoints are a digital currency, we aim for photographers to use them for real-world opportunities, such as books, workshops, and experiences, moving from digital rewards to tangible benefits. This initiative underscores our commitment to creating a closely-knit photo community, supporting photographers in showcasing their talent and engaging with global opportunities.

How Much Are They Worth?

  • For every 100 PhotoPoints you accumulate, you earn €1 to use in our network.

This simple and transparent conversion means the more you engage with us, the more you save on future endeavors and purchases.

How to Gain PhotoPoints

Earning PhotoPoints is easy and rewarding:

  • Registration Reward: Simply signing up on dotLogic earns you 250 PhotoPoints to get started!
  • Winning: Engage in our open calls and contests, win a Trophy, a medal or a prize and you will win PhotoPoints (*)
  • Purchases and Payments: The amount spent on each Call will give you variable PhotoPoints (*)

How to Spend Your PhotoPoints

Currently, PhotoPoints can be used for:

  • As Payment: Redeem points towards entry fees for contests like URBAN Photo Awards and Project Selection by Trieste Photo Days. Attend our workshops and masterclasses led by the top experts in the field.
  • Future Benefits: Soon, you’ll be able to use your points for purchasing books, participate in URBAN Exhibits, and so much more!

Membership Requirements and Benefits

To use PhotoPoints, you need to subscribe to an Exhibit Around Membership, which offers four tiers: Photography Member, Photography Enthusiast, Photography Master, and Photography Legend. Each tier provides a range of benefits tailored to enhance your photographic journey. You can explore the variety of benefits available for each tier on this page.

Subscribing ensures you maximize the benefits of PhotoPoints. For instance, when you win a reward in PhotoPoints (e.g., from open call prize pools), subscribers receive the full amount specified in the regulations. Non-subscribers, on the other hand, receive only half of the PhotoPoints. By subscribing, you guarantee that you can fully enjoy the rewards and opportunities offered by Exhibit Around.

For full regulations and to get started, visit this page.

(*) PhotoPoints will vary upon the regulation of each contest.

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