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Mythography 4 Open Call Projects

Mythography 4 is here: the open call for the fourth photographic volume of the series is open

15 February 2024
Photos of excavations on a volcanic site for open photographic call

After the success of the third volume which saw the Magnum photographer Jérôme Sessini as a special guest, the series of photographic books inspired by Greek-Latin mythology returns with its fourth volume.

Registrations are officially open for the new photography open call to select the best shots which, together with those of the special guest (to be announced), will be exhibited in an important photography exhibition during the international Trieste Photo Days festival and paginated in the original Mythography 4 volume.

Born in 2021, Mythography is a series of collective photographic books freely inspired by Greek and Roman mythology which result in exhibitions, conferences, live events and books.

After the first photographic volume inspired by Mars, Saturn and Neptune; the second to Apollo and Pluto and the third to Diana, Minerva and Ceres; this fourth volume is inspired by the themes represented by Vulcan and Uranus:

  • Vulcan, the god of fire and metallurgy symbolizes working creativity, craftsmanship, technology, deserts, volcanoes, metalworking, architecture and geometries. He embodies both the positive and destructive power of Fire.
  • Uranus, the sky god and husband of Gaia (Earth goddess), is responsible for the vastness of the cosmos and the arrangement of the stars and constellations. He also plays a vital role in fertilizing the earth through rain, which sustains all life. He will represent the theme of the sky, panoramas, skylines and aerial photography (drone).

We are looking for photographers interested in submitting single photos and/or projects/portfolios freely inspired by a theme chosen from those represented by the protagonist divinities of this fourth photographic volume.

photography open call "mythography 4"

Selections are open from 15 February to 15 March 2024 on our user area. Participation is completely free, as is inclusion in the exhibition and book if selected.

Each author is free to infuse the works with his own stylistic signature and to choose the type of photography that is most congenial to him. It is possible to nominate works for multiple themes.

The book will be edited and introduced by Enrico Medda, professor of Greek Literature at the University of Pisa (Italy), who has already worked as a scientific consultant on the first and second volumes of the series.

The best photos and projects will converge in the volume Mythography IV, which will be presented during the opening weekend of the eleventh edition of the international photography festival Trieste Photo Days (25, 26 and 27 October 2024).