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Collectible Shots

When photography meets art galleries

Exhibit and sell your works in a real art gallery. Submit your portfolio to the open call for photographers Collectible Shots and seize this unmissable opportunity.

Deadline 15th July 2024

Cover of the open call for photographers

Collectible Shots. When photography meets art galleries

Exhibit Around APS, in collaboration with dotART Cultural Association and TRART, launches Scatti da Collezione, the project that aims to recognize the talent of photographers by accompanying them on their professional journey in the world of fine art photography and art galleries.

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The project

Collectible Shots offers photographers an extraordinary opportunity to exhibit and sell their works in an art gallery, facilitating their entry into the artistic photography market.
The portfolios nominated for the open call will be selected by an exceptional jury and exhibited at the Spazio Trart gallery, alongside the works of the Seoul based British artist and photographer Paul Gadd.
The winner's portfolio, together with those of the five honorable mentions, will be included in the project's photographic book, enriched by the works of the special guest.

For who is it for?

Participation in the project is reserved for Exhibit Around members.
All photographers already registered in our membership program can participate, as well as new members who join during Collectible Shots.
More details on how to sign up here.
The project is open to photographers from all over the world: the winner will receive among the prizes a free 3-night stay in Italy to attend as a special guest the inauguration of the exhibition and the presentation of the photographic volume.

The exhibition

The winning photographer will exhibit his works at the Spazio Trart art gallery in a personal exhibition to be held from 24 October to 14 November 2024.
In addition to exhibiting their own works alongside those of the special guest, the selected artist will have access to a network of curators, gallerists and art critics, significantly increasing their visibility.
During the exhibition, photographs will be available for purchase, offering the winning photographer the opportunity to enter the fine art photography market.
The exhibition will also be the opening event of the 11th edition of the international photography festival Trieste Photo Days, guaranteeing significant international visibility.


The theme is free, but portfolios resulting from well-defined visual and expressive research will be evaluated with particular attention.
The jury, composed of the curators Federica Luser and Giacomo Frullani, as well as the special guest photographer, will select the participant who demonstrates a strong artistic maturity and a skilled use of the photographic medium to express their ideas and emotions.
The works can be created with any photographic technique, be it digital, chemical or mixed, and can include pictorial interventions or installations.

Fotografo e artista britannico Paul Gadd ospite speciale

Meet the guest:

Paul Gadd

Paul Gadd is a talented British artist and photographer who has found his passion in the art of photography. His interest in photography began during his studies at the Epsom School of Art, where he discovered his talent and creativity. He then decided to pursue his master’s degree in “Photography in the Arts” from Swansea Metropolitan University, which helped him further refine his skills.
In 2011, Paul opened The Print Room, a studio and gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he works and teaches photography. He also curated and followed exhibitions of emerging photographers, helping them find their professional path. In 2020, Paul moved to Seoul, and in 2023 he opened The Print Room, a new space to continue his artistic work and mentor new photographers.

Paul’s works are created through a meticulous process that involves shooting on film, followed by different mechanical interventions such as scratches. The prints obtained are then further modified by the artist using various techniques, including the ancient encaustic technique. These interventions result in unique pieces that tell his story, ranging from humor to dark atmospheres that are appreciated by collectors and galleries worldwide.


The call is open to all and registration is free. To submit photos, simply register or access the new Exhibit Around user area on, select the call Collectible Shots and follow the procedure for Projects/Portfolios.

We will select the works that will be part of the prestigious dedicated exhibition and that will be published in the photographic book dedicated to the project.



Exhibit Around, dotART and Trart will select the Best Author of the project and the Honorable Mentions.

The award ceremony will be held on the occasion of the Trieste Photo Days 2024 international photography festival and both best author and honorable mentions will receive an invitation as guests of honor at the Photographers' Dinner.

Best Author

  • Free 3-night stay for 2 in Trieste on the occasion of the presentation of the photographic volume Collectible Shots. When Photography Meet Art Galleries as part of Trieste Photo Days 2024 (end of October)
  • Personal exhibition with the possibility of selling your works in an art gallery, at Spazio Trart, with curators, gallerists and art critics
  • Fine art print on certified museum paper of the selected works
  • Personalized author's trophy, crafted by the Venice Biennale Italian artist Giorgio Celiberti
  • 25.000 PhotoPoints worth 250€ in discounts
  • Digital selection certificate
  • Invitation as guest of honor to the gala dinner of the URBAN Photo Awards contest on 26 October 2024
  • 1 copy of the exhibition catalog and 1 copy of the exclusive volume dedicated to the project
  • Sharing the author's photo and biography on our social networks for visibility

Honorable Mentions

  • Author's medal, created by the Venice Biennale Italian artist Giorgio Celiberti
  • 10.000 PhotoPoints worth 100€ in discounts
  • 1 copy of the exhibition catalog and 1 copy of the exclusive volume dedicated to the project
  • Sharing the author's photo and a short biography on our social networks for visibility
Untitled by Mosconi Zupin
© Mosconi Zupin


Potrebbe esserti utile...

The photos from the winning portfolio will be exhibited in a personal exhibition at the Spazio Trart art gallery, from 24 October to 14 November 2024, as part of the international photography festival Trieste Photo Days.

Is participation free?

Participation in the open call is completely free and reserved to Exhibit Around members, as is inclusion in the photographic exhibition and book in the event of victory and selection.
We remind you that Exhibit Around is a social promotion association, therefore it is non-profit. The costs of logistics, photo printing, exhibition organisation, merchandising, visual communication, catalog and book printing will be borne by Exhibit Around APS and TRART. This is all made possible thanks to the support of EA members. Find more information on this page.

What technical characteristics must the photos have?

A candidate photo will be selected as the cover. Authors wishing to submit their photo explicitly for the cover should add the word "cover" to the name of the uploaded file.
Photos must not contain signatures, watermarks, watermarks or frames. Images must be in '.jpg' format and the color mode must be RGB. The size of the single file must be less than 9 MB while the dimensions required for the photos are:

  • minimum 2000px short side
  • maximum 6000px long side

The file name must not contain special characters but only letters and/or numbers.

Who owns the rights of the candidate photos?

Each photographer retains the moral and intellectual property rights on their works submitted to the call. Each author grants the associations Exhibit Around APS and dotART Associazione Culturale, as well as the Trart art gallery, the non-exclusive right to use the winning/selected images to promote and/or advertise the non-profit activities of the association, upon prior communication official to the author (whose name will always be attributed to the work).