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Open call for entries francesco cito
Concluded project

Mythography 1 with Francesco Cito

The very first volume of the Mythography series with special guest Francesco Cito, one of the greatest Italian photojournalists.

Deadline 2nd May 2021

Open call for entries francesco cito

Mythography 1: Mars, Saturn and Neptune

Exhibit Around APS and dotART Cultural Association are launching an open call on the occasion of the very first volume of the Mythography editorial project.

The project

Mythography is a series of  photographic volumes  freely  inspired by Greco-Roman mythology . Published annually, each volume is dedicated to a  group of divinities  who represent their themes.
Each volume corresponds to  photographic exhibitions ,  meetings  and  special guests  within the Trieste Photo Days international photography festival.

Special guest

For this first edition of Mythography, with great honour,  Francesco Cito will be a special guest of the book and the exhibition. Mythography vol. I  will be presented within the Trieste Photo Days  international photography festival  with a  live conference  with Francesco Cito and the curator  Enrico Medda , professor of Greek literature at the University of Pisa.

Who is it for?

To  photographers from all over the world  interested in submitting  single photos , but also  projects  and  portfolios  freely inspired by the themes of the first volume.
Following a selection, the candidate photos could be exhibited in two dedicated exhibitions , one of which as part of the Trieste Photo Days international photography festival .

The themes

The second volume of Mythography will focus on the themes represented by the deities of the Greco-Latin pantheon  Mars , Saturn and  Neptune .
Mars, god of war, will represent war reporting and resistance ; Saturn, titan of time, those of historical reportage , memory and social reportage and finally Neptune, god of the sea and earthquakes, the themes of the power of nature manifested in the four elements (fire, earth, air, water), earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, fires, natural disasters.

Mythography – Vol. 01: project presentation (with Enrico Medda & Francesco Cito) + Award Ceremony

Sala Xenia
Riva III Novembre, 7 - Trieste (TS), Italy (Open in maps )

Friday 29th October 2021

Francesco Cito , one of the greatest Italian photojournalists, will be the special guest of the second volume of Mythography. for forty years he has recounted the war theaters of half the world, including Afghanistan in 1980, the Gulf War in 1990, the Intifada of 1987 and 1993 and many others.


The call is open to all and registration is free, as is participation in the project in case of selection. To submit photos, simply register or access the Exhibit Around user area, select the call  Mythography II  and follow the procedure for  Single Photos  and/or  Projects/Portfolios

Each author is free to infuse the works with his own  stylistic code , as well as to choose the  type of photography  that is most congenial to him. It is possible to submit  works for several themes .



Following a precise curatorship work, the  Best Photography  of the project and the Honorable Mentions will be selected .

The award event  will be held on the occasion of the Trieste Photo Days international photography festival in the presence of the special guest.

Best author and honorable mentions

The best author and the selected honorable mentions will be awarded during the Trieste Photo Days festival with a medal from Nino Migliori.

Open Call fotografica con ospite speciale Francesco Cito


You may want to know...

The best photos will be exhibited in two dedicated exhibitions. Both run from 9 October to 27 November 2021.
The exhibition venues will be the Museo del Territorio in Lignano Sabbiadoro and the Accademia Scaglia in Trieste.

Is participation free?

Participation in the Open Call is free.
Exhibit Around is a social promotion association, therefore it is not for profit. The photographers whose photos have been selected as the best will then be contacted by October 2021. There are no expenses contributions to be part of the exhibition.

What technical characteristics must the photos have?

A candidate photo will be selected as the cover. Authors wishing to submit their photo explicitly for the cover should add the word "cover" to the name of the uploaded file.
Photos must not contain signatures, watermarks, watermarks or frames. Images must be in '.jpg' format and the color mode must be RGB. The size of the single file must be less than 9 MB while the dimensions required for the photos are:

  • minimum 2000px short side
  • maximum 6000px long side

The file name must not contain special characters but only letters and/or numbers.

Who does the rights to the candidate photos go to?

Each photographer retains the moral and intellectual property rights on their works submitted for the call. Each author grants the Exhibit Around and dotART association the non-exclusive right to use the winning / selected images to promote and/or advertise the association's non-profit activities, subject to official communication to the author (whose name will always be attributed to the 'Opera).