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17-23-24 October 2020

Trieste Photo Days

Chromantic con Alex Webb

A photographic project

A photographic tribute to the great Alex Webb, special guest of this project, which focuses on colors and all their variations. An international project complete with a prestigious photographic volume and an important photographic exhibition in the presence of Alex Webb.


Waiting for the Chromantic book to be ready (we are working on it and we can’t wait to present it at Trieste Photo Days!), we are announcing the Best Author and the Honorable Mentions chosen [...]

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Dopo un lungo e attento lavoro di selezione e curatela siamo finalmente pronti a svelarvi i dettagli del volume ufficiale di Chromantic, il tributo al grande Alex Webb che presenteremo [...]

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In light of the great success of the Chromantic Call, we have decided to involve an important Italian art critic in the project: Sandro Parmiggiani, who will collaborate in the creation of the [...]

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Sunday, March 1st, submissions for Chromantic, the new original project promoted by Exhbit Around, were officially closed. Chromantic, an ambitious tribute to Alex Webb, will be presented October 2020, during Trieste Photo Days, [...]

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A big news for the Chromantic: Light / Colors / Memories call! We had been working on it since December and now we can finally make it official: Chromantic will be a great tribute to [...]

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Closed Exhibition


Palazzo Costanzi, Sala Veruda
Passo Costanzi, 2 - Trieste (TS), Italy (Open in maps )

Dates 23th October 8th November 2020

Exhibition preview


Sala Xenia
Riva III Novembre, 7 - Trieste (TS), Italy (Open in maps )

Friday 23rd October 2020

Best Author and the Honorable Mentions will be awarded: Launched by dotART cultural association through its platform Exhibit Around, Chromantic was born as an ambitious collective tribute to Alex Webb, a pioneer of color photography able to range from urban photography to journalistic reportage.A full-bodied project, one of a kind, which consists of a prestigious photographic volume and an international […]

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The book

The photographic volume of a project that sees the legendary Alex Webb as a special guest. The result of the selection of the best shots collected through the Open Call and collected in a prestigious book presented during the Trieste Photo Days international photography festival in the presence of the special guest.



Deadline 1st March 2020

A photographic tribute to the great Alex Webb, special guest of this project which focuses on colors and all their variations. An Open Call in view of a grand project complete with dedicated volume and photographic exhibition.