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24HOURS of Photography – Gorizia and Cormons

23 April 2022
Photographic Walks in Gorizia and Cormons
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The 24Hrs are open to everyone. Interested photographers will be able to participate freely, equipped with their own photographic equipment and independent in their movements.

In case of bad weather we will communicate any postponements on this site and/or on our Facebook page.

Day 1: Saturday 23rd April 2022 – Gorizia

On Saturday 23 April 2022 we will meet in Gorizia for the first photographic release as part of the PixAround FVG 2022 photographic open call.

The exit is open to all and is organized in collaboration with the Mitteldream-Artegorizia cultural association and the Isontino photographic circle.

We will be accompanied on this walk by the architect Luigi Di Dato and Alida Cantarut, President of Mitteldream-Artegorizia, with some of their members, whom we thank for their precious collaboration!


  • 9:30 am – Meeting in Piazza Sant’Antonio
  • 10:00 am – Departure for the walk:
    from Piazza Sant’Antonio, where the Schönhaus Gate (Palazzo Levetow-Lantieri) is still located, we will continue along via Alviano and towards Villa Boeckmann and the former Minor Seminary (University of Trieste), to then go up to the Castle from which to admire and photograph the Borgo!
    We will then descend on via Giustiniani through the Castle Park, until we reach the Valico del Rafut, one of the pedestrian borders between Gorizia and Nova Gorica from which we can admire the Castagnavizza Monastery, also home to the tombs of the Bourbons (Slovenia).
    Walking along via del Santo, we will arrive in Piazza de Amicis (the old Piazza Corno), with the Attems-Petzenstein palace (Headquarters of the Provincial Museums), via Ascoli and via San Giovanni with the Synagogue and the characteristic balconies.
    From Piazza Vittoria, with the Church of Sant’Ignazio and the Fountain of Neptune, we will go up via Rastello, via Cocevia and via delle Monache.
  • 1:00 pm – Lunch at a restaurant in the center at a special price
  • 2:30 pm – Afternoon shooting

For those who would like to continue being together, we have organized two convivial moments.

  • 5:30 pm / 6.00 pm – Toast and exchange of impressions on the photographic walk.
    Confirmation of participation by Friday 22 April (to facilitate the organization).
  • 8:00 pm / 8:30 pm – Dinner with the photographer and mentor Andrea Rossato!
    Restaurant: Osteria all’Unione in Cormons (GO). Confirmation of participation by Friday 22 April (to facilitate the organization)

Day 2: Sunday 24th April 2022 – Cormons

On Sunday 24 April 2022 we will meet in Cormòns for the photographic release as part of the PixAround FVG 2022 photographic open call.

The outing is open to everyone and is made in collaboration with the Photoclub Lucinico whom we thank for their precious collaboration!


  • 9:30 am – Meeting at the Market Parking in Via Cancelleria Vecchia
  • 10:00 am – Departure for the walk:
    from Via Cancelleria Vecchia we will head towards the central square of Cormòns where the Church of Santa Caterina also known as the Sanctuary of Rosa Mistica due to the small statue dedicated to the Virgin Mary, set in the altar, to which various miracles have been attributed. Located a few tens of meters from the Sanctuary of Rosa Mistica, Villa Perusini-Cumano has a singular architectural form that owes its name to Gaetano Perusini, a doctor, journalist, scientist but, above all, co-discoverer of Alzheimer’s.
    We will continue towards the Bar Capit, in via Friuli 26, with the Cortile dei Murales: white, blue and red are the shades which, together with the subjects of the murals, give liveliness to this corner. At number 70 in via Matteotti, we will see Palazzo Weiz – Del Mestri, built in the 18th century by one of the most influential families of the time, it is one of the oldest palaces in Cormòns We will then reach the Duomo di San Adalberto, the main church of Cormòns, which dominates the historic center from a slightly elevated position and is accessed by a large front staircase. The bell tower, in the entire Diocese of Gorizia, is the second in height after that of Aquileia. In the underground some precious mummies are kept (such as those of Venzone), 300 years old and not accessible to the public.
    Continuing on via Patriarchi, we will find the remains of the fourteenth-century Church of San Nicola, destroyed at the end of the eighteenth century. An elevated walkway allows you to walk through the interior of the structure which is sometimes used as a location for exhibitions of contemporary works of art. We will then reach the monumental Piazza XXIV Maggio, a valuable architectural work of art designed by the famous Viennese architect Podrecca, where Palazzo Locatelli is located. Built in 1700, it is now the Town Hall and the Civic Museum of the Territory is located in the internal gardens.
    Next to Palazzo Locatelli it is possible to stop at the Enoteca di Cormòns, where you can taste the best wines of the local DOC Collio and Isonzo production, and where you can also taste the highly prized Cormòns ham, a delicately smoked artisan product. Passing behind the apse of the Cathedral, you can reach the most characteristic point of the historic centre: the Centa, an ancient complex of walls and buildings that surround and protect the Cathedral of Cormòns, crossed by a labyrinth of old pedestrian streets around the large Church and which still retain the medieval urban layout.
  • 1:00 pm – Lunch at a restaurant in the center at a special price
  • 2:30 pm – Afternoon shooting:
    To discover Cormòns from another angle and to admire the city from 274 meters high, we suggest going up to Mount Quarin. The summit can be easily reached by car up to the parking lot, and then continue on foot up to the Church of the Beata Vergine del Soccorso, or through various paths that wind through nature among vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees. At the top there are the remains of the Rocca that bear witness to the strategic role that Cormòns played in history, from the Romans to the Habsburgs.

Lasciamo a voi la scelta di come raggiungere questa terrazza dalla quale si aprirà, davanti ai vostri occhi, un meraviglioso panorama che vi consentirà di vedere Cormòns da un punto di vista decisamente privilegiato.

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