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Presentation of the Vajont Photo Days project and best authors awards

5 October 2023
Closing event of the photographic project

The Vajont Photo Days: 1963 – 2023 project ended on Saturday 30 September at the «Filippo Zappata» Conference Room at Trieste Airport. During the event, the collective photographic exhibition, the photographic book and the documentary were presented.

The dotART cultural association of Trieste, in collaboration with Exhibit Around APS, created the multidisciplinary project on the occasion of the celebrations for the Day in memory of the Vajont tragedy. Photographers, survivors, cultural and scientific institutions collaborated together with the aim of remembering the Vajont tragedy through a dialogue between photography, historical testimony, dissemination and valorisation of the territory on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary.

The event was attended by:

  • Isabelle Miatto, Trieste Airport
  • Ketti Martinelli, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Erto
  • Stefano Ambroset and Mara Zanette, President and Vice President of dotART
  • Massimo Stefanutti, President of the “La Gondola” Photographic Club of Venice
  • Pierpaolo Mittica, award-winning photographer and special guest of the project
  • Giovanni Fraziano, Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition, Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste
  • Friulian Dolomites Natural Park Authority

Among the various exciting moments, the award ceremony for the best authors of the photographic initiatives linked to Vajont.

The collective photographic exhibition set up in the airport spaces is the result of careful curation by the Exhibit Around team. The over 80 shots revealed the variety, expressive richness and sensitivity with which the 66 authors interpreted the memory of Vajont through the photographic lens.

Vajont Photo Days is created with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia RegionIo Sono FVG and the partnerships with CRAF (Photography Research and Archiving Center), DEAMS (Department of Economic, Business, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences “B. de Finetti” of the University of Trieste), the Friulian Dolomites Natural Park Authority and the Photographic Club “La Gondola” from Venice. With the collaboration of Professor Giovanni Fraziano (Professor of Architectural and Urban Composition), the Department of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Trieste and the Rogers Station.

Historical and artistic consultancy by Vincenzo Labellarte.

Special guest of the project Pierpaolo Mittica.

Appointment at the tenth edition of the International Festival of Urban Photography Trieste Photo Days, where both the photographic volume and the documentary in full version will be officially presented.

Winners of the open call Vajont Photo Days: 1963-2023:

  • Best Authors: Nazzareno Berton and Sergio Carlesso
  • Honorable mention: Mauro De Bettio
  • Honorable Mention: Marco De Biasi
  • Honorable Mention: Patrizia Sonato

Winner of the The 24HOURS of Photography – Vajont 

  • Matteo Faliero
Book cover of the photographic volume about Vajont Dam

Photographic volume

Vajont Photo Days: 1963 – 2023

€ 32,00

On display photos by:
Adriano Zanni, Alessandro Secondin, Alessia Ciocca, Andrea Zadro, Barbara Floreani, Barbara Domenis, Beatrice Ius, Claudia Casal, Claudia Alberti, Claudio Covre, Clelia Petris, Cristina Achucarro, Davide Serpagli, Donato Marmorini, Elisa Crestani, Elisa Bartolini, Emanuele Granzo, Enzo Crispino, Federico Mondini, Francesca Codogno, Francesco Mattucci, Franco Gardiman, Fulvio Marcello Orsenigo, Gabriele Calamelli, Giuseppe Roccasanta, Giustina Wind, Iskra Coronelli, Licia De Marco, Lodovico Borgogno, Lorenzo Bettio, Manuel Faggionato, Manuele Cecconello, Marco De Biasi, Marco Saccon, Maria Zambon, Maria Cristina Cupin, Marina Tosolini, Massimiliano Del Bianco, Massimiliano Perelli, Matteo Faliero, Maurizio Sartoretto, Mauro Zonch, Mauro Zorer, Mauro De Bettio, Nazzareno Berton, Oreste Girotto, Paolo Parussini, Patrizia Sonato, Renzo Schiratti, Riccardo Moretti, Riccardo Fornasiero, Roberta Grandelis, Roberto Pelin, Romano Ovan, Rosario De Blasi, Sandro Vicedomini, Stefania Giacomin, Stefano Meroi, Stefano Ambroset, Stefano Consolaro, Terry Manfrin, Tullio Andrea Sivilotti, Umberto Vio, Umberto Cenedese, Vittorio Sgoifo, Walter Bastiani.