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“The Eyes of Gorizia”, photography comes to school. Towards GO!2025

25 May 2023

Trieste Photo Days festival shows the city through the “eyes” of the young students of ISIS Galilei of Gorizia

“The Eyes of Gorizia” is the project carried out by dotART, Trieste Photo Days, and Istituto Statale d’Istruzione Superiore “Galilei” “Fermi” “Pacassi” of Gorizia, with the participation of the two professional photographers Andrea Rossato and Vincenzo Labellarte, and the collaboration of Anna Roviello professor of Multimedia Design at ISIS Galilei.
The project is part of GO!2025 European Capital of Culture 2025 Nova Gorica – Gorizia.

“The Eyes of Gorizia” aims to involve and develop in students a greater awareness of the importance of photography as a tool for documentation and preservation of visual memory, both in order not to forget the roots and history of their territory and to document its evolution over time.

The project provides a unique opportunity for students to express their artistic creativity and explore their environment through the camera lens. Through close observation and critical analysis, students are encouraged to document the city’s transformations, focusing on elements such as architecture, cityscapes, people, and traditions.

To achieve this goal, on Friday, May 12, students in the “Graphics and Communication” major were involved in a training day in Gorizia, complete with a classroom lesson with photographers Andrea Rossato and Vincenzo Labellarte on learning photographic techniques along a historical excursus as well.

Afterward, under the supervision of the two professionals, they were able to put into practice what they learned during the morning activity thanks to the photographic outing in the city.

The 20 best photographs will be selected by the professionals to be displayed in an exhibition in September in Gorizia as part of GO!2025, in a specially designated venue.

From the 20 selected photographs, at least three best photos will be exhibited at the 10th Edition of Trieste Photo Days – International Festival of Urban Photography (27-29 October) and published in the relevant catalog.

Students who participate in both parts of the project will then receive a certificate of participation.

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