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The “Mythography” series: the first volume with Francesco Cito and authors from all over the world.

23 February 2021

The cultural association dotART, promoter of the Trieste Photo Days festival, launches through its platform Exhibit Around the new editorial project Mythography, a series of collective photographic volumes freely inspired by Greek and Roman mythology.

The Mythography series will consist of five volumes to be released annually. Each will be dedicated to a group of Greek/Roman deities that will represent the thematic guidelines of each book. All volumes will include photos and projects by authors from all over the world, selected through free open calls on the Exhibit Around platform.

Each volume will also be introduced by photographs of a special guest and a critical introduction by a mythology expert.

The first volume is dedicated to Mars, Saturn and Neptune and thus to the themes of war, social reportage and the power of nature. It will be produced this year and will be presented at the end of October as part of the Trieste Photo Days 2021 festival. We will launch the open call very soon!

The great Francesco Cito, one of the best Italian photojournalists, will be a special guest of the book. For over forty years he has been reporting on war theatres around the world (including Afghanistan in 1980, the Gulf War in 1990, the Intifada of 1987 – 1993 and many others).

Enrico Medda, professor of Greek literature at the University of Pisa, Italy, will collaborate on the volume as scientific consultant.

The editorial plan includes five issues:

Mythography 1Special guest: Francesco Cito
Consultant: Enrico Medda

Gods / Themes:
Mars (God of War → War reportage, resistance)
Saturn (Titan of Time → Historical reportage, memory, social reportage)
Neptune (God of the sea and earthquakes → Force of nature and elements, natural catastrophes)
Mythography 2Special guest: Nino Migliori
Consultant: Enrico Medda

Gods / Themes:
Apollo (God of the Sun and Art → Colours and light, creative photography, fine art, abstract)
Pluto (God of Shadows → Night photography, black & white, shadows and silhouettes)
Mythography 3Special guest and consultant: TBA

Goddesses / Themes:
Juno (Goddess of marriage → Wedding photography)
Venus (Goddess of love and beauty → Fashion, portrait, love, LGBT photography)
Diana (Protector of Women → Female figure)
Vesta (Goddess of home → Family and home)
Mythography 4Special guest and consultant: TBA

Gods / Themes:
Vulcan (God of technology and engineering → Architectures, geometries)
Uranus (Personification of the Sky → Drone photography, panoramas, skylines)
Minerva (Goddess of wisdom → Documentary photography)
Ceres (Goddess of earth and birth → Seasons)
Mythography 5Special guest and consultant: TBA

Gods / Themes:
Jupiter (God of thunder → Street photography)
Mercury (God of athletics → Sports photography)
Bacchus (God of wine and festivals → Parties, transgression, concerts, socializing and fun)
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