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Objective Company Town Open Call Prizes

The new free photographic open call “Objective: Company Town” begins

22 March 2024
New photography open call about company towns

Submissions are officially open for the new free photographic open call Objective: Company Town, which marks the starting point for the extensive photographic project on so-called company towns born under the impulse of industrial development.

The open call aims to gather interpretations and testimonies from photographers worldwide on the phenomenon of company towns. Through the participants’ photographic lenses, we aim to explore an urban phenomenon that has had significant historical, social, economic, and cultural implications.

In addition to having the chance to win prizes, including a complimentary 2-night stay in Trieste during the Trieste Photo Days international photography festival, participants will have the opportunity to see their photos exhibited in two important international exhibitions and featured in the printed volume that will close the project.

New photography open call about company towns

The open call is open to all photographers, both professionals and amateurs, and offers several inspirations, in addition to participants’ personal interpretations of the theme:

  • Documenting and valorizing the historical events that led to the creation and transformation of company towns: signs and outcomes of industrial revolutions, wars, population migrations, and social and cultural transformations;
  • Exploring the architectural and social impacts of company towns on the territories: historical sites, buildings, residences, stories, narratives, and personal experiences of those who live or have lived in company towns;
  • Valuing the extraordinary innovative elements of company towns, such as work culture and corporate welfare, immigration and cultural diversity, collective memory and cultural identity, social changes, and economic challenges.

Registrations will be open until May 5, 2024.