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Opening of the preview exhibition of “71% – The State of Water”

4 May 2023

A preview of the exhibition 71% The State of Water was opened on Tuesday, May 2nd, at the Palazzo della Borsa Vecchia – Chamber of Commerce of Trieste, on view until May 13th, with the following hours:
Monday, Wednesday: 08-17
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 08-15

The project will be presented at the 10th edition of Trieste Photo Days from October 27th to 29th, with a large and original exhibition at the Veruda Hall of Palazzo Costanzi, in the presence of international guest Kadir van Lohuizen!

The exhibition offers an engaging journey through the 31 original images, characterized by artistic, creative and poetic flair, that celebrate the sea, and more generally, the shapes of water in our region.

The photographs exhibited, united by a unique thread, are an experience of lights, colors, landscapes and details that evoke the beauty and vitality of the life-giving element.

The exhibition was realized for MareINfvg – the Festival of the sea and those who live it, promoted by Maritime Technology Cluster FVG, which we thank for the invitation to participate in the wonderful initiative! Full festival schedule here.

On view photos by: Agnes Budai, Andrea Cipriani, Basil Titov, Borna Bursac, Cam Crosland, Cinzia Leghissa, Claudia Alberti, Cristina Achucarro, Ester Pertegato, Francesca Codogno, Francesca Fermeglia, Gerhard Wagner, Gianni Olivetti, Giovanni Gabassi, Giustina Wind, Immacolata Giordano, Inge Colijn, Jose Gaston Barriga, Julie Kerbel, Lia Dondini Taddei, Marco Cattani, Marina Franci, Matteo Faliero, Mattia Pasini, Natalia Safronova, Oleg Zhylin, Rebecca Wiltshire, Renzo Schiratti, Roberto Di Ottavio, Roberto Furlan, Syndi Pilar.

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