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“Trieste Audace”. Opening of the exhibition-preview “waiting” for Trieste Photo Days 2023!

13 July 2023

The exhibition will be open until 29 July 2023 (Monday-Friday from 8:20 to 19:00, Saturday until 12:30).

The “Trieste Audace” exhibition-preview is curated by the cultural associations dotART and Exhibit Around APS, creators of the Trieste Photo Days – International Festival of Urban Photography as an anticipation of the tenth edition of the festival (October 27-29, 2023).

Nino Migliori, famous Italian photographer and special guest at Trieste Photo Days 2022 said“Do you know who I would give the most important prize to? To Trieste and to these people who have dedicated hundreds of hours to making this global event which for me is the most important that I have found in my career. Just think that I have been working in the world of photography for 80 years but I have never found a situation like this in any city in Italy.”

Trieste Audace is a celebration that dotART and Exhibit Around APS make to their city through the point of view of the photographers who participated in the open call.
The project is atribute to the city where the great adventure of the Trieste Photo Days festival was born, now in its 10th edition!

69 selected authors tell the soul of the city through the original and unusual looks at everyday life, architecture and the territory, becoming visual identity and cultural heritage of Trieste.

During the opening, the ten best authors were announced.
The final rank will be revealed in October during the large collective exhibition that will be set up at the covered market in Trieste.

Congratulations to:
– Alida Volpi
– Giancarlo Staubmann
– Giorgio Mesghetz
– Giustina Wind
– Gualtiero Bohm
– Ilaria Tassini
– Paolo Maschio
– Pia Parolin
– Roberto Furlan
– Tullio Andrea Sivilotti

This exciting project will be in fact part of the major collective exhibition at the Covered Market in Trieste, in October at the Tenth Edition of Trieste Photo Days.

View the entire reportage at the EXHIBITIONS page.

The exhibition includes photos from the following 69 selected authors: Agnes Budai, Alba Basezzi, Alessandro Ledda, Alessandro Ottombrini, Alida Volpi, Andrea Bracco, Andrea Cipriani, Andrea Lo Maglio, Arianna Romano, Claudia Alberti, Cristian Cesarotto, Cristina Achucarro, Cristina Bozieglav, Dario Buttazzoni, Elisa Medeot, Emanuela Sol, Ester Pertegato, Fabio Cumin, Fabio Milani, Federico Mondini, Ferruccio Venanzio, Francesca Codogno, Francesca Fermeglia, Francesco Possega, Fulvia Vitale, Gerhard Wagner, Giancarlo Staubmann, Gianni Olivetti, Giorgio Mesghetz, Giovanna Lunazzi, Giovanni Gabassi, Giulia Cargnelli, Giuseppe Roccasanta, Giustina Wind, Gualtiero Bohm, Hans Brooymans, Harry Giglio, Henri Loreci, Ilaria Tassini, Immacolata Giordano, Luca Dell’anna, Luigi Giordano, Maria Castiglione, Maria Kremneva, Maria Zambon, Marina Tosolini, Marino Porfiri, Marioluca Bariona, Marisa Paoli, Mary P, Matteo Faliero, Mauro Zonch, Michele Ginevra, Paola Morsoletto, Paolo Dellepiane, Paolo Maschio, Patricia D. Richards, Pia Parolin, Radosław Surowiec, Riccardo Moretti, Roberto Furlan, Romano Ovan, Sandro Vicedomini, Silvana Gallio, Silvia Abbiezzi, Stefano Temperoni, Tullio Andrea Sivilotti, Valentina Ambrosi, Vincenzo Finamora.

The project is created with the collaboration of the Italian Post Office and the Telegraphic and Postal Museum of Mitteleuropa, the AIDIA (Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architects of Trieste) and the MuMeG (Museum Market of Taste).

Trieste Photo Days is realized with the contribution of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Kathleen Foreman Casali Foundation and Pietro Pittini Foundation, the Partnership with CRAF – Center for Research and Archiving of Photography and IoSonoFVGMain Partners: Install.Pro and Unicusano Polo di Trieste.

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