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Mythography 3 News Open Call

New FREE Open Call: Mythography III

30 March 2023
Cover of Mythography 3 photography open call

The dotART and Exhibit Around APS associations, promoters of the Trieste Photo Days festival, launch a free open call for the third volume of the Mythography publishing project.

Established in 2021, Mythography is a series of collective photo books freely inspired by Greek and Roman mythology that result in exhibitions and talks in the international setting of Trieste Photo Days.

After the first two volumes dedicated to Mars, Saturn and Neptune and Apollo and Pluto, as well as the Special Mythography dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, Mythography III will be produced in 2023, focusing on the figures of:

  • Diana, goddess who remains stubbornly a virgin, rejecting sexuality and union with the male. Her realm is the mountains and natural spaces, where she makes happy jaunts together with the wild creatures of whom she is both protector and hunter. She thus represents the dimension of nature as opposed to the civilized world of men
    (Themes: Nature, animals and non-human landscapes. Generation and birth. Lunar landscapes)
  • Minerva, is the daughter of Zeus, and from birth, which occurs according to the myth directly from the head of Zeus, she eschews the sexual dimension of procreation. A warrior deity, represented with shield and spear, but at the same time she is the patron of intelligence and the arts, and of all human activities that take place in the urban context
    (Themes: arts and crafts; handicrafts; weaving and dressmaking; products of human ingenuity; weapons and armies, not war reports)
  • Ceres goddess of fertility, she guarantees men the perpetual renewal of the harvest and the ability to exploit the earth’s resources. She is the mother of Proserpine, a goddess who is abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld; due to the pain of the abduction, she causes a terrible famine that threatens to make men disappear, until Hades makes Proserpine return to the earth, at least for part of the year, establishing the cycle of the seasons
    (Themes: Agricultural life, humans and animals. Famine. Death and rebirth of vegetation; otherworldly happiness)

We are therefore looking for photographers interested in submitting single photos and/or projects/portfolios/series freely inspired by a theme/style of their choice from those represented by the deities Diana, Minerva and Ceres.

Selections open from April 1 to April 30, 2023 on our user area. Registration is completely free, as is participation in the project if selected.

Each author is free to infuse the works with his or her own stylistic signature and to choose the type of photography that is most congenial to him or her. It is possible to submit works for more than one theme.

The book will be edited and introduced by Enrico Medda, professor of Greek Literature at the University of Pisa, who has already worked as scientific advisor to the first and second volumes of the series.

The best photos and projects will feed into the volume Mythography III, which will be presented during the opening weekend of the Trieste Photo Days festival (late October 2023).

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