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Pasolini Photo Days: presentation of the exhibition and photographic books

2 March 2023
Presentation of photographic exhibition and photographic books in Sacile

Pasolini Photo Days will be presented on Saturday 4th March at 17:00 in the Church of San Gregorio di Sacile.
The project combines photography, literature and reinterpretation with the aim of celebrating, through photography, the cultural and iconographic heritage of Pasolini, intellectual and total artist of the twentieth century.

The event will be attended by:

  • Carlo Spagnol, Mayor of Sacile
  • Ruggero Spagnol, Councilor for Culture, Municipality of Sacile
  • Stefano Ambroset and Mara Zanette, President and Vice President of dotART
  • Paolo Patui, writer, cultural popularizer, creator and artistic director of the Leggemente festival in San Daniele del Friuli, editor of the volume Pasolini Photo Days – Il Volto Smascherato
  • Enrico Medda, Full Professor of Greek Language and Literature at the University of Pisa, editor of the volume Pasolini Photo Days – Mythography (linked)

During the event, the best authors of both projects will be awarded.
The event is promoted by dotART and Exhibit Around APS in collaboration with the Municipality of Sacile, with the support of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

Realized on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the project consists of two photographic volumes with critical texts and an international photographic exhibition set up in the Church of San Gregorio di Sacile.

Launched last July through an international photographic open call, the project saw the participation of over 380 photographers from all over the world, submitting over 2000 photos and 110 portfolios.

The best 145 authors gave birth to the two photographic volumes:

  • Pasolini – The Unmasked Face
    Edited and introduced by the writer Paolo Patui, it includes photographs inspired by the iconography of the cinema of the director Pasolini, in particular the Face. Six evocative frames taken from Pasolini’s cinematography become an aesthetic/thematic canvas that inspired the photographers: the face of amazement, innocence, loneliness, mystical mystery, violence, power, despair.
  • Pasolini – Mythography
    Curated and introduced by Professor Enrico Medda, it offers a reinterpretation of Pasolini’s themes such as nonconformity and transgression, religion and the sacred, nature and roots, modernity and the periphery, through the key to (re)reading mythology through photography. Pasolini’s work, in fact, connects to antiquity in many ways, starting with the explorations of classical literature and ancient theater: Sophocles’ Oedipus the King, Euripides’ Medea, Aeschylus’ Oresteia.
    The volume is a special issue of the Mythography series of the same name created in 2021 by Exhibit Around and freely inspired by Greek and Roman mythology.

The Church of San Gregorio will also host the unveiled photographic exhibition with a selection of the best photographs taken from two volumes.

Pasolini Photo Days: The Unmasked Face
On display photos by:

Alexandre Chaym, Anna Balaban, Antonino Clemenza, Cristiano Zingale, Denis Scarpante, Diana Tolpiga, Emil Jalovec, Francesca Codogno, Giuseppe Piazza, Giuseppe Sabella, Giustina Wind, Guglielmo Antuono, Gupse Tokgöz, Gwen Julia, Hellen Hernandez, Ilaria Tassini, Ivano Quaiattini, Karine Ipekchian, Livio Morabito, Lynne Kaplan, Monica Testa, Nicola Smaldore, Sama Sbrissa, Saurabh Narang, Sergey Yudin, Shibasish Saha, Slavica Isovska, Vincenzo Avallone, Vittorio Montauro, Zurab Babaev.

Pasolini Photo Days: Mythography
On display photos by:

Allegra Formenti, Amirhossein Yousefi Keysari, Anil Purohit, Antonio Lorenzini, Babis Kavvadias, Biagio Salerno, Chiara Pulin, Cristina Embil, Cristina Garlesteanu, Francesca Codogno, Francesca Di Ciaula, Gabriele Calamelli, Gaby Heyse, Gilda Luzzi, Igor Dudkovskiy, Javid Tafazoli, Maria Grazia Scarpetta, Maria Piera Branca, Marina Franci, Mariolino Laudati, Mir-Kian Roshannia, Nicola Smaldore, Paolo Dellepiane, Rose Battistella, Rosetta Bonatti, Sama Sbrissa, Sarathi Thamodaran, Slavica Isovska, Vincenzo Avallone, Zurab Babaev.

Pasolini Photo Days 2022 is realized with the contribution of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, in collaboration and with the Partnership of CRAF – Center for Research and Archiving of Photography, Pordenonelegge Foundation and the Municipalities of Cormons, Grado, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Sacile, San Daniele del Friuli and Sesto al Reghena.

Also on Saturday 4th March, the first PixAround FVG 2023 photographic walk will take place in Sacile, created in collaboration with the Municipality of Sacile and the IMAGINARIO cultural association.
Appointment at 9 o’ clock in Piazza del Popolo!

Photographic walk in Trieste